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Spring Cleaning Archives - All The Single Girlfriends

Spring Cleaning: Busting Tradition...

Mar 31, 2011 by

I hate to clean. And it’s that time of year again when millions of women participate in the annual rite of Spring Cleaning. Handed down from mothers to daughters, this tradition is steeped in the symbolism of beginning anew after a long winter, where the entire house gets cleaned, sorted and rearranged from top to bottom. I’ve always envied men who seemed to be exempt from this tradition, although I have witnessed a husband or two in their garages, reorganizing their manly tools, getting their farm toys ready for yard work, dusting off the barbecue and perhaps even washing the car. My mom is one of those women who loves to clean and, even though she’s in her 80’s now, she still looks forward to spring cleaning every year. I remember witnessing her version...

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