Turn A Corner And Find Magic

Mar 4, 2011 by

Sometimes road trips are magical. While visiting Billings Montana, to speak to a group of Tire Dealers, I had a spare 2 hours and decided to venture out to visit the Western Heritage Center two short blocks from my hotel. Sometimes fate and being unafraid to be adventuresome really pays off. I was the only “tourist” so the curator Kevin-Kooistra-Manning, ( the only man I’ve ever met who’s last name is his wife’s maiden name he unashamedly admitted to me , “I did not know the rule onthat when we got married”, gave me a VIP tour. The only other folks at there were the local paper the Gazzette doing a photo shoot and interview with the two top artist of Montana, Clyde Aspevig & Ben Steele. Ben Steele was recently featured in the bestselling book, soon to...

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