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Happy 2013 .. On Your Terms

Jan 1, 2013 by

The 2012 Holiday Season for this Single Girlfriends is one of profound gratitude. My second breast biopsy came back negative. That is despite the fact that breast/colon cancer tends to cluster in families and that it does in my family. My eyes are okay. My teeth, at least the ones which matter, are keeps, for the current time. I also have learned to make friends, something I initially got the hang of in the Single Girlfriends. As we Baby Boomers used to say in our youth, “My dance card is full.” People are coming into my life, rather than my chasing them. Toby Bloomberg helped make this possible. Thanks, Toby. In addition, my business is going along fine. I have reconfigured it from the focus on social media (no $, big glut) back to my...

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Failure + Girlfriends = New Directions at Age 66...

Feb 14, 2012 by

The meme of our time is failure.  In fact, the folks at the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW are all worried about Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership at Facebook since he hasn’t as yet failed and therefore not proved he has what it takes to come back Well, I got really lucky there.  In 2003, I lost it all, ranging from my executive communications boutique to my mind.  Nine years later, sure, I agree it was the best thing that happened to me. At the very least the fear of failure is gone.  That in itself breaks us open to using our talent instead of blindly following some rules we grabbed onto chasing success.  And that in itself is a lot. But it wasn’t enough to help me move out of hiding out inside myself.  The missing piece...

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Skype-tini Anyone?

Jul 18, 2011 by

About a year ago I made a major change in my life and moved from upstate New York to Maryland.  I hated leaving my country home and friends, but work was limited in Cambridge and most of my free-lance clients were based in the Washington D.C. area.  I started working a 4-day  week for the School Programs at Kennedy Krieger Institute, which gave me some steady income while still working my free-lance gigs for Discovery.  Anyway…., a year goes by and I return to Cambridge to visit with some friends, check on my house (it’s rented right now), and attend my friend Jayne’s art show opening at the Small Gallery. I really love my friend Jayne.  We share a great deal of the same interests and have the same quirky sense of reality.  She...

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It Was All About The Pancakes

May 3, 2011 by

I registered for a 5 mile race with my friends Laurie and Tara.  We agreed to meet at the start around 7:15 AM, do the five miles and then go out for pancakes after. This particular race was the first of a three race series to benefit The Ohio Canal Corridor (aka The Towpath).  For each race you run, you get a very nice tech running shirt to commemorate the day.  Participation in all three races gets you a snazzy bonus shirt. Laurie arrived at the start shortly before I did.  The race was to begin at 8AM, but the roads leading to the start were closing at 7:30.   Laurie sent Tara a text message to tell her where we were parked and then we sat in my car waiting for her to arrive,...

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