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While Fun, The Drama Does Drain...

Feb 17, 2011 by

I can cut onions and talk,” was how Kelley Connors, head of KC Health and builder of healthcare communities for women, entered the conversation on All The Single Girlfriends [ATSG] podcast February 14th.  And, that three-hour talkfest was how Toby Bloomberg launched ALSG, a digital community for women over-40 who are not in traditional marital relationships.  The Connors pragmatism captured exactly how we women had managed to buck convention and still blossom on every front, be it work or holding onto our health.  Regarding the latter, we were a hearty bunch. The lion’s share of the podcast, no surprise, focused on new economic realties.  The wife of a fireman [married women can be honorary members] made those very clear in her observation: “Everyone needs a Plan B. Only Plan B is yourself.” For her,...

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Summer Nights

Feb 15, 2011 by

Back in my teen years we lived in a small house near a western suburb of Rochester, NY. I didn’t realize how small the house was until I’d grown up and moved away. No, seriously. It wasn’t just the distorted memory of youth. By today’s standards, our house really was tiny. There was a tiny front hall, a tiny (really tiny) living room, a tiny dining room, a tiny kitchen, and three tiny bedrooms upstairs. And a huge bathroom. Interesting, that bathroom.  [pic is my sister’s house – I  don’t have one of my old home] I have fond memories of the good sized front porch. It was enclosed by screens all the way around. In the late days of summer, late-1960s, I would sleep on the porch. I remember feeling empowered by being...

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