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The Marketing Girl’s Christmas Gift...

Dec 17, 2012 by

Control is one of the key factors to the success of a marketing campaign or program.  The marketer loses control, the project goes to pieces.  As a result, many marketers end up as control freaks. “You should be in control of the project” is one of those ominous statements I dread hearing from any CEO.  That usually precedes the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  When a CEO tells me that, it means a project has gone awry somewhere.  Worse, it has become an unholy mess.  If I want to survive the Spanish Inquisition, I better know exactly what caused it to disintegrate before the CEO even calls for me. “What will you do about it?” is the question that triggers nightmares and seizures in even the most hardened marketer.   Unfortunately, in...

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Ask The Girlfriends

Jun 2, 2011 by

Ask The Girlfriends is our way giving back to young women. Gf authors answer questions about life, career, and relationships posed to us by women who want a little perspective and insights from women outside of their own circle. This month’s Ask The Girlfriend question is from Marianne’s friend Melody Meiners. Melody is a social media whirlwind…She is the founder and managing editor at Girls Guide to the Galaxy, a partner and lifestyles editor at STLFamilyLife.com, and has a personal blog at MrsSmartyPants.com. She is also the founder and President of St. Louis Women in Media, a 350 member strong, non-competitive women’s networking group that offers quarterly programming for female media practitioners and hobbyists as well as freelance writer, interactive marketing consultant, wife and mother to her one year old daughter, Grace. Melody’s Question: “Have you ever...

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Lonely: A Professional Plus?

Mar 16, 2011 by

Back in high school, guidance counselors and teachers hammered into us Baby Boomers how difficult it was for the 76 million of us to get into college.  Early on we learned to game the system by presenting ourselves on our college applications as the well-rounded, social young people we were expected to be. Most of us learned that too well.  Right up to today, so many of us struggle to conceal that we were and are, well, one-dimensional loners.  Of course, pop culture, ranging from Bette Midler to the Beatles, reinforces that stigma about being one of those many lonely people. And it doesn’t matter a bit, does it, how successful we Apart People might be, compared to those who never bowled alone. Then an unusual book comes along.  It’s Lonely: Learning to Live...

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