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Loving You Archives - All The Single Girlfriends

The Royal Wedding Fairytale

Apr 29, 2011 by

When we first discussed the idea of an All the Single Girlfriends post regarding the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton not surprisingly there was a diversity of opinions amongst the Girlfriends regarding the Royal to-do ranging from yawns to disgust, and everything in between. This is not all that different from the rest of the planet except that in my observation of  the media coverage of the event, the Official Royal version appears to be speaking the loudest. According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll just 28% of Americans are under the Royal Wedding spell but as Kathryn Shattuck notes in the New York Times, the other 72% of us might plan on Netflix streaming for home entertainment on April 29th. ABC News (yes, ABS News) is apparently not only...

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Celebrating the Love in Our Lives...

Feb 14, 2011 by

Okay, I’ll admit it. Valentine ’s Day is one of those times when not being a part of a couple can be challenging. Sure, there are endless cards- from syrupy to snappy – honoring the other relationships in our lives – dear friends, special relatives, dependent pets, you name it, the marketers have it all covered. But when it comes to that special Valentine’s dinner and the meaningful gifts partners are meant to exchange,  a single woman can feel downright deprived unless she has a good strategy to stave off the voices in our heads (you pick the one whose words sting the most, I’ll spare you mine). And I am not about to spend a small fortune for some famous chef’s tribute to Cupid with one of my friends, or enter such pheromone-rich...

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Unapologetically Single At 40

Feb 13, 2011 by

There was an article I read about how annoying it is to be constantly harassed as to why one is still single.  I share that annoyance.  It even gets more annoying when people point out that you’re 40 AND still single.  As if being single at 40 is some dreadful contagious disease or a crime against humanity. I do not feel the urge to get married.  Yet.  Maybe, it’s too much Oprah watching.  But there is no siren’s call that is seducing me to the state of happy matrimony. That is not to say, however, I do not dream of weddings.  I do.  In terms of a fabulous gown, an astounding cake and that exciting walk down a preferably loooong aisle.  The better to show off my gown, of course.  I’m not supermodel material...

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