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February 14, 2011

Dear Girlfriends,

Welcome to All The Single Girlfriends!

atsGf is a social content destination created especially for women 40+ who approach the world with attitude and style.  It just happens that at this point in our lives, we may do it without a life partner or we may not be in a traditional committed  relationship.

At its heart All The Single Girlfriends is “real” women the sharing stories of their lives with “real” girlfriends .. talking about things girlfriends talk about.

Back Story – I thought it would be fun to find a place in the digital world where I could hang out with other women who had similar life experiences.  So I searched and searched and searched some more. What I discovered were sites for women of all ages, sites for women over 40, sites for singles under 40 and even a couple for both single men and women 40 plus. However, no where could I find a social content destination where I wanted to spend my time.

Then I did what every girlfriend does … I talked to my girlfriends and to their girlfriends. What evolved was the idea of All The Single Girlfriends. Think Tina Turner meets Sex In The City with a dash of Coco Channel and a sprinkling of Dorothy Parker! If Sandra Bullock or Betty White want to join the fun ..that’s fine with us too!

Is atsGf the right place for you to hang out at? Ask yourself how many times you’ve heard …

At the Fourth of July BBQ – “You and Tiffany have so much in common .. you’re both single.”

At the family gathering – “You still don’t have a boyfriend? But you’re so cute, smart, funny (fill in your favorite word).”

At your best friend’s dinner party – “It’s a couple’s party but of course you’re invited.”

At your cousin’s wedding – “So darling, when is “he” going to put a ring on your finger so I can dance at your wedding?”

At work – “I know you won’t mind taking the shift on Christmas eve, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Labor Day, etc. (again!) since you don’t have any kids or a boyfriend.”

Even during the holidays advertising is focused on the romance of relationships – from beer to cars. Now don’t get me wrong, I love romance but Girlfriends we probably have more disposable income to spend on holiday gifts and luxury items then our married friends. Brand marketers wake up!

At atsGs you’ll find women with diverse backgrounds and views about life. Women who want to share smart, fun conversations and information ranging from politics to relationships, to films, fashion, healthcare, travel, food, pets, spirituality,  just life and everything and anything that girlfriends talk about with their girlfriends. Since this is a content site,  diversity of opinion and lifestyle shared in posts, videos, photos reinforces that there is not one right way to “be single.”

What we have in common is we offer no apologies for who we are and where we are going. In fact, we may not even know where the next curve in the road will take us but we’re exciting to be on the journey.

There’s a secret no one tells you about getting old. You don’t feel old .. you feel like yourself! Betty White in Hot In Cleveland

My hope is that together we can create a special, digital destination, where as my 94-year old Auntie Helen says, “Age is only a number” but through the lens of our experiences we share the spice of our lives.

Building a digital community takes the care and belief from more than 1 person. Many people made All The Single Girlfriends possible and I’d like to acknowledge their support. First, the original authors without their enthusiastic willingness to share their stories we wouldn’t exist: BL Ochman, Connie Reece, Debra Pearlman, Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe, Elana Centor, Jacki Schklar, Jane Genova, Jody DeVere, Jody Mayo, Kelley Conners,  Maggie Buerger, Marianne Richmond, Polli Graham, Rebecca Crichton, Serena Kovalosky, Sunny Cervantes, Tani Wolff, Tish Grier, Yvonne DiVita.

A virtual toast to my friend Kate, who when I told her about a silly dream one day when at a cafe along the lower Hudson in NYC, pushed me into the wind and told me to fly.

Thanks to Marianne Richmond and Debra Pearlman who spent too many hours working on the original concept with me that got lost in the weeds. Marianne built this site and Debra put our Facebook page into play. Thanks to Maggie Buerger who is taking care of the media relations for us. Special thanks to a couple of our guy pals — Bill Selman for the logo and banner design and Matt Williams who is working on the back-end analytics and SEO.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Oh yes, my YouTube Rock Star pup Max who patiently waited for walks while I worked on All The Single Girlfriends.

And thanks to YOU for stopping by and giving us a chance. Please let us know how we can make your experience worth the click.

Please enjoy this video that tells us bit more about the amazing Gf authors.



Toby Bloomberg,  Founding Girlfriend

Ps: If you’d like to be an atsGf Author drop me a note about you and why you want to be a Gf ~ allthesinglegirlfriends at gmail dot com.

Pps: If you’d like to learn about sponsorships, media interviews or product reviews reach out to me at allthesinglegirlfriends at gmail dot com.

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