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We called it barbecuing.

Growing up in Boston the onset of summer, which hopefully was more June than July (!) was when Dad took the cover off the grill.  At first it was hot dogs, burgers, chicken, steak and ribs that found their way to the grill.  Then Dad got fancy adding salmon and fresh seasonal corn to his repertoire  but pretty much it stopped there. Oh wait .. there were of course, the critical s’mores!

It wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta that I found out there was a big difference between BBQ and grilled food. Whatever you call it there is nothing quite as wonderful as food cooked on a grill.

One of the benefits of living in the South is I can grill all year long.  My favorites these days are experimenting with veggies on the grill especially during Vidalia onion season. A few summers ago my cousin Kaye and I even grilled lettuce. Don’t laugh it was delicious! For your dining pleasure a few easy grill recipes. Enjoy!

Kaye & Toby’s Easy Grilled Lettuce


Romaine – we found that firmer lettuce holds up best but try Boston or Butter too.

Olive Oil

Kosher Salt & Ground Pepper

Optional if you want to be bad: Shredded Cheddar cheese or Feta cheeese


Wash and pat dry and remove any soft outer leaves. Be sure you keep the core in tact.

Cut the lettuce into halves or thirds depending on the size. When we  first  tried this we grilled individual leaves; but trust me on this, it’s so much easier to grill when the lettuce is together in larger pieces.

Paint  the leaves with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt and ground pepper.

Grill until the leaves begin to wilt and you have lovely char marks.

If you want to be bad sprinkle with the shredded Cheddar or feta cheese while hot off the grill.  The cheese will melt into the lettuce..could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

Easy Grilled Whole Vidalia Onions


Vidalia onions – you can use any type of onion (heat brings out the sweetness) but Sweet Onions like Vadalia, Texas or Wala Wala are especially good for grilling


Bullion cubes – 1 for each onion

Salt and pepper



Remove the onion skin.

Place  each onion on a square of foil at this stage makes it easier for when you wrap the onion later. Foil should be large enough to tightly seal the entire onion.

Cut a small circle from the top core of the onion. Place a bullion cube, a small amount of water and butter in the onion hole.

Cut a few slashes (depending on the size of your onion between 4-6 perhaps) on the sides of the onion. Take slivers of butter and push them into the cuts you just made. Note: be as generous with the butter as your diet will allow.  I suppose you could use margarine but it won’t be quite the same.

Wrap each onion tightly.

Grill for on high heat about 45 minutes to an hour.

Adjust seasons (salt and pepper to taste). I find that with the bullion I never need extra salt.

Amazing delicious.

 More Easy Grill Recipes

Skipping around the Internet and Pinterest I came across a few easy recipes from food bloggers that will indefinitely go on my To Try List.

From the fabulous Elise Bauer’s Simply Recipes — Grilled Artichokes.

Love + Cupcakes has several easy recipes for Grilled Pizza.

Seasonal Eating combines balsamic vinegar, rosemary and garlic in a grilled Grilled Portobello Mushrooms.

Check out our Friday Foodie Board on Pinterest for more recipes.

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  1. Thanks Nancy! The best part they’re all so easy to do. Let me know how the grilled romaine turns out.

  2. PeaceCorpsMeri

    Love these recipes, Toby! What a great variation to typical salad, too. Finally, we’ll be able to use all that Costco romaine before it expires.

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