Week One: Success!

A Better Me Through Bariatric Surgery ..

May 14, 2012 by

Plate of pureed food....yummm!

Well, I’ve made it through my first week.

Actually, it was a week last Friday since I had my lap band procedure.  The first couple of day I felt great, even energized.  Then reality set in.  As I moved into what is called the Full Liquid Diet, I found that my tolerance for pre-made protein shakes, ones I’d had no problem with prior to surgery, really upset my stomach.

After nearly 4 days of  living on green tea, I thought it best to call the doctor and ask if it was normal to feel so: 1, achy in the stomach; and 2, still be running to the loo with little warning of what was to come.  They assured me that all would be fine, to stop using the Atkins shakes and switch to a water-based protein powder that I can sip on.  I did that and now, I feeling pretty good.

Actually, I’m feeling great…by my scale I’m down 15 lbs.  Wednesday’s follow-up with the doctor will be the official weigh-in and measure.  I’ll report on those results next week.  What I’m excited about to day is that I get to move off of full liquids and onto pureed food.  Think applesauce and baby food consistency, but OMG! mushy egg salad never tasted so good.

What I’m really missing is chewing.  Feeling like I can take a bite of something and chew it without worry.  I’m so nervous about over stuffing my new little pouch that I hesitate to eat more than the tip of a spoon of yogurt at a time.  All this is really changing the way I eat…slowly, slowly, chew, chew, chew some more….it took me one hour to eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal this morning.  Used to be I’d wake up early to be sure I had time to shower, make-up and dress for work.  Now I worry about having time to finish my breakfast.  Solution: make breakfast at work and take as long as I need.

I’m still looking for ways to increase my protein in-take so if any of you have suggestions on good liquid sources of protein, pass them my way.  I know some of you are smoothie/shake experts and I’m a willing pupil. For the next week it’s back to basics with pureed veggies, chicken, and applesauce.

Hey…any of you mom’s know of really great tasting baby food?  Anything to help with the cooking chores, right!

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  1. Oh, you go girl. Your post was such a boost. Your positive attitude, infectious. Thanks for sharing your journey so-openly…

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