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Dancing With The Stars ~ Most Memorable Year - All The Single Girlfriends

Dancing With The Stars ~ Most Memorable Year

Dancing With The Stars .. With A Little Snark

Oct 4, 2011 by

OK, admit it, you have a guilty pleasure! One of mine started 2 years ago when a group of friends got me hooked on Dancing with the Stars. Started out just a couple of us, now we are 20 and growing in our own little locked Facebook group.

Some nights we generate more than 400 comments. We feel free to critique the stars, their bodies, their skill-or lack thereof. We diss costumes, spray tans, bad musical arrangements  and choreography. Some of us even vote!

For those of you out of the reality closet, here are some of my thoughts on the season so far. I’d love to hear what you think!

This week’s  theme was most memorable year. We got some sob stories, some pitiful attempts for sympathy votes and one story that actually made me tear up a little.

JR Martinez is a soap star and decorated war hero. His face and head were badly burned in Iraq. This guy blows me away. His story really got to me AND he’s a great dancer. He scored high (26 out of 30) had the audience on it’s feet and even one of the judges in tears. Danced a beautiful rhumba to a song about a soldier who doesn’t come home. Even his partner Karina was in tears. If there’s a clear leader this guy has to be it- if I voted it would be for him!

In the interest of full disclosure, I really can’t stand Nancy Grace. That said, she has surprised me by hanging in, causing all sorts of controversy with a possible “nipplegate” and actually being a pretty good dancer. Her partner is an adorable new Irish cutie named Tristan. If only he could stay and Nancy go. I think she’ll be on the bottom of the list after the voting comes in tomorrow. Her story of the premature birth of her twins was touching but….(21/30)

Hope Solo is a member of the US Womens Soccer team. She has the most amazing body! I know, that’s superficial but I’m considering taking up soccer. Her partner is the “Sex on a Stick“( his description by the way!) Maksim. This girl can really dance, love watching Maks try to get her to be more ladylike in her movements. She is such an athlete that she’s having some difficulty learning the moves.(24/30)

Chaz Bono. I really wanted this guy to be better than he is. His inclusion generated such an outrage. The other teams really seem to have embraced him, his partner Lacey is trying so hard to get him moving with some verve and rhythm. You’d think some of Cher’s genes would help. Unfortunately, Chaz has really bad knees and he’s just not showing much dazzle on the floor. Think his days are numbered.(18/30)

Ricki Lake seems to be coming in strong. She isn’t a tiny woman but moves very gracefully and her partner Derek seems to generate good scores no matter what his partner does. I’m just not a huge fan. She seems way too impressed with herself. And that whole childbirth DVD kinda creeped me out. She’s the leader tonight.(27/30)

Rob Kardashian is a member of that huge self promoting family. Have to say though there’s something quite likable about him He’s shown great progress every week and his partner is Cheryl Burke who has already won a couple of times. He actually looked very graceful tonight. I think he’s the most improved player.  He’s on my top 3 list. His sister -the annoying Kim -was the last person in the room to actually stand up and cheer after his dance. He’s already done better than her by 2 weeks! (24/30)

Carson Kressley is a hoot!!!! He spends a good deal of his time trying to increase the sequin count on his costumes, Seems to be having an absolute blast doing this the show. His partner Anna is doing a great job refocusing his energy. Tonight he got some great scores. Think he’ll be around a few more weeks.(23/30)

David Arquette is such a zany character. There’s something endearing about him. His soon to be ex Courteney Cox is in the audience every week with their adorable daughter. I want to see him do a better job just because he seems to want this so bad. His partner Kym is just stunning and seems to be doing a good job getting him to focus on the actual dance moves. We’ll see how long he can last. (24/30)

Kristin Cavallari is a reality star who I had never heard of. She’s dancing with Mark Ballas who is a great choreographer. She’s elegant in her moves but seems to flub a lot of footwork. We’ll see if she can pull it together to stick around.(24/30)

Finally Chynna Phillips from the old group Wilson Phillips. Has a great Hollywood lineage and is married to one of the Baldwins. She is a beautiful dancer, elegant and clean lines. Her partner Tony has been in need of a good partner for a while now. I think she has the potential to be a contender. (26/30)

Two players are already gone, Ron Artest, a basketball player who was as stiff as a board. Gone! And Elizabetta Carnalis-this chick is apparently famous for being  George Clooney’s girlfriend. How dare she sleep with my man!!! Had an attitude and wasn’t a great dancer …gone!

The one person my little group all agree should be gonegonegone is the annoying Brooke, the cohost. Asks the MOST inane questions and looks like the Botox fairy totally overdid it! If only we could vote her off the island….

So…if you are into this show, please share your thoughts and comments. If not, consider getting a group of girlfriends together to watch. It’s a fun and easy way to pass a dreary Monday night. I’ll keep you posted on who’s getting closer to absolutely meaningless mirror ball trophy!

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  1. Fabulous post, Polli! Although I rarely watch television, I do sometimes tune in to “Dancing” – because I like to see how people step up to the plate, stretch their boundaries and get past their fears to make it to the end. I’m not into all the made-for-tv drama, but the positive spirit of the show and the real work these stars have to do to stay in the game sometimes provides some interesting and useful life lesssons.

    • polli

      Thanks Serena,
      It certainly seems to cause some life changes for some of the “stars”
      Sadly, we were all completely wrong about the voting this week, Kristin was voted off. I still don’t know who she is! On the bright side…Cher will be there next week to watch Chaz.

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