Acting Like a Grown-Up

You're A Big Girl Now ... And Having Fun!

Aug 31, 2011 by

Some believe this means being boring. Staid. No fun. All responsibility and no spontaneity.

Au Contraire.  Of course this is just my perspective, but…

Being a (single) grown-up means:

You can decide when it’s time to act silly…and enjoy doing so…without worrying about what others think.

You can designate one day a week as the “blob day.”  Mine is Sunday.  With a few rare exceptions, I do absolutely nothing that I don’t absolutely want to do.  Oddly enough, some Sundays are my most productive days…

You can choose to have cold cereal for dinner, and enjoy it. (Some nights this is JUST the thing for me. No sad little single moaning here.  I love Weetabix, with very, very cold milk.)

You’ve learned that kindness is both a virtue AND a skill. A skill that should be practiced often.

You’re realized that it’s far easier to smile than it is to attack.  Really, what were you so upset about anyway?  (I’m not saying be a doormat, but angry lashing out hardly ever gets you where you want to be…)

You can go swinging on the “big girl” swing at the grade school…and not care a whit for the funny looks sent your way. (I also think they’re a wee bit envious.)

You’ve got the experience to know when to let it go…and when to step it up.

You’ve been through both bad and glad times, so you’ve got perspective.  You’ve learned to appreciate the glad while you have it…and grit your teeth, lower your head and bull your way through the bad times. You’ll get through it, you always do.

You appreciate the here and the now.  Because, really, all we have is this very moment.  Yes, the one you’re spending reading this sentence.  So, stop! Get up. Go out. Act like a grown-up!

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  1. Mary – love your reminder that the time is Now to embrace the moment. Ice cream for breakfast anyone?

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