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You can have it almost your way!

I wonder if it might perhaps be symptomatic of our current economy that all of these gourmet burger joints are cropping up all over the country. People want to go out and treat themselves to a fun dinner with or without the kids but the less than romantic QSR fluorescent lighting of  a Burger King or Chick-Fil-A might give them pause.

When I first stepped foot into the cozy location off of Piedmont road that houses Grindhouse Killer Burgers, I was excited to try their version of the ‘killer’ burger.

Their famed location on Edgewood Ave is relatively close to my home and all the hipsters brag about their options including an excellent veggie burgerTheir parking lot is tiny but I noticed a good number of the patrons had children and parked alongside the restaurant within the accompanying neighborhood – I wonder if this is going to be an issue for them in the future.

My first experience was good as I took a to go order over to a friend while her automobile was being cleaned at the Two Minute Car Wash, famous for a waving Gorilla out front. So it was convenient. I noted that the staff was friendly and I did not have to wait too terribly long for our food. Additionally, I created a new milk-shake, I like to call the ‘Hangover Milkshake’ (a chocolat milkshake with a can of Whynatte). You are quickly awakened from your hangover with chocolaty goodness. Yummy! Their burgers did not disappoint. Additionally, they have a FULL BAR menu with craft beers and I am told a decent bloody mary.

They have a plethora of toppings, cool sauces to try on the burger or they even let you have them on the side for your fries, onion rings or fried green tomatoes (which they also allow you to put on any burger of your choice). The winner was definitely the Grindhouse sauce – a lighter than you could imagine mayonnaise based confection that really compliments all of their burgers, especially the veggie.

Of the menu’s offerings are some cool burgers that were made especially for folks who have difficulty making up their mind but have a myriad of tastes. Their menu is packed with choices like the Yankee Style, which contains blue cheese spread, thick cut bacon, grilled onions and lettuce. They’ll even allow you to add something to your burger Style order with add-ons like fresh avocado, Carolina cole-slaw, and the aforementioned Fried Green Tomatoes.

They have a strong list of southern-inspired bar snacks at starters that range from fried pickle chips, cheesy poofs (you have to order them they do to pimento cheese what places like Applebee’s and Chili’s do to fried Mozzarella sticks),  to a slider trio from any of their burger styles.

Offering options like hot-dogs for those not burger-inclined and if you have children there is a Rugrats menu for kids 10 and under.

On my second trip I was not so lucky, we dined in and I ordered a succulent turkey burger in a lettuce wrap and my dining companion ordered the same but in a bun with cheese and we ordered a basket of fries to share – alas they only put a small amount of fries in the basket and when I asked why the waitress looked at me like I had horns growing from my forehead! On the positive side, I ordered a chocolat-malted shake – this time without the Whynatte and it was good enough to share.

Since she was a South Carolina native for a time I wanted to get her impression on the Grindhouse Killer Burgers fried green tomatoes, so we ordered that for a starter. BIG FAIL. They were like indistinguishable dark brown hockey pucks. What is worse, the manager did come around to appease us and sent us out more fries and another round of hockey puck brown fried green tomatoes.

So if you are seeking alcohol and a decent burger YOUR WAY go to Grindhouse Killer Burgers but ask them if they have had time for an oil change before ordering any items that might be battered and fried.

I give them 2 out of 5 hockey-puck-deep-brown fried green tomatoes : )

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  1. Thanks for the review – will probably stick with Yeah Burger for gourmet burgers in my corner of town and confine my fried green tomatoes cravings for South City Kitchen.

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