Yes, It CAN (Will?) Happen to You

Don't Forget The Fun!

May 13, 2011 by

Sure, we’re all fun and fab and over 40 (or 50, or 60).  But, age isn’t just a number.  It’s a reality, and our bodies have their own agenda, even with the best of care.

As difficult as it may be for independent women, we also have to realize we need help on occasion, especially as we get “old old.” We don’t think “that” will ever happen to us – falls, dementia, fading sight, just plain old age – but if we live long enough it will, in some form or fashion.

Even Betty White moves slower than she used to…and I’ve been told bladder control is one of the first things to go.  (Here’s an idea –  thong Depends in designer colors!)

Are you still reading? Or have I totally bummed you out?  Well, if you’re still here, let’s talk some positive points.  As I was sitting by mom’s bed last week, I was reading Lunch at The Picadilly.  It’s a short, bittersweet (and laugh out loud funny) novel about a group of people in a rest home and their care givers.

My takeaway from the book is: We are what we are, when we are…accept and do our best to have some fun while we can.

This was reinforced in my visit to an assisted living home this week.  A tiny little woman, with flyaway hair, moving ever so slowly around in her wheelchair (with oxygen tank) was happy to chat…“I plan on having fun!” Certainly she’s missing something here or there – she said her rear hurt because she fell out of a tree last week…but, she’s doing her best to keep going and keep laughing.

And, so should we all … taking our vitamins, exercising and drinking in moderation along the way, of course…;-)

Note: Lunch At The Picadilly is now a musical.

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  1. This reminds me of when people say “In my day …”. If you’re still alive, it’s still your day.

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