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Royal Wedding Musings

Apr 29, 2011 by

"Kate Middleton"
There has been more than the fair share of chatter about the impending nuptials of the young prince William and his fair Kate. Not just simply because of the fact that it is a ‘royal’ wedding, but because he is marrying a commoner, Kate Middleton.

Remember the tales of a young Diana, born into an old aristocratic English family with royal ancestry, she was so far from common, the mere sight of her through throngs of crowds into an uproar. She was scrutinized before, during, and after her marriage to Charles – their marriage ended in August 1996. She struggled with her weight, postpartum depression, bulimia, the deaths of dear friends like Gianni Versace, and raising her children in a very almost blinding public spotlight. Her wedding was merely televised. And at a time when the interactivity and marketing spin are not where they are today.

Fast forward to present day. When there are more and more sites and Facebook pages and groups popping up every day. I wonder if Kate Middleton is concerned about what she will be giving up if she marries Prince William? Has been schooled about the spotlight by the ‘royal–handlers’? If she were alive what advice would Diana give her daughter-in-law?

Perhaps to keep an eye on her husband – Charles had Tiggy and Camilla after all. And to mind the Royals, after all it was Prince Philip’s remark to Diana in a meeting before her divorce: “If you don’t behave, my girl, we’ll take your title away,” he said, referring to her HRH title. To which Diana replied: “My title is a lot older than yours, Philip,” referring to the lineage of the Spencer family. Tina Brown wrote about this and other royal family highlights in the Diana Chronicles

I wonder if young Kate Middleton knows what she is getting herself into. Alas, there is the dashing Prince William. Whenever you look at William you can easily spot Diana. Perhaps he has more of his mum in him after all.

In any event, good luck Kate – stiff upper lip girl!




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  1. Christy C.


    I’m very curious about how the HRH social media team will handle Kate’s persona! Stiff upper lip indeed!


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