Do Love Triangles Really Exist?

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Apr 5, 2011 by

I spent the weekend watching videos of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  For my trouble, I ended up with a monstrous migraine.

Their story reminded me once again that people love for reasons that have nothing to do with beauty, glamour, power or success.  The world may perceive you as the ugliest duckling ever.  Yet, in the eyes of the right man, you are beautiful and fascinating beyond belief.  By the same token, you can be Miss Universe and Albert Einstein rolled into one but, with the wrong man, you’re just another annoying chit.

More than that, though, their story reminded me of how judgmental we can be of others and of issues that we know nothing about.

Maybe I’m naïve but I don’t think anyone sets out to be a cheating husband, scorned and vindictive wife or mistress.  I believe that everyone is innately good.  That we were not born to destroy others for our selfish reasons.  Therefore, despite my own share of heart break, I still think people generally get into a relationship with sincere intentions.  Perhaps, along the way, things get messed up but it does not diminish the fact that they are good people with good intentions to begin with.

It’s easy for us to sit in judgment and declare that a woman is rotten because how dare she break up a marriage.  Or that another is the martyr wife because her husband left her for another woman.  Or even that a man is an ass because he is a philandering fool.

Really?  How sure are we that our perceptions are right?  Have we walked in their shoes?

I have friends who have chosen to be mistresses and I can tell you now that they are not bad women.  They made the wrong moral decision and they will have to live with the consequences but their being mistresses does not diminish their value as individuals.  I’m still friends with them and they will remain my friends even if they will be mistresses forever.

I also have friends whose husbands are unfaithful to them.  Some don’t deserve the infidelity; others probably do.  But, again, their worth as human beings is not lessened by their conduct as wives.  Depending on what you know of their marital state, they may be cunning, manipulative or stupid when it comes to their husbands but, to me, they will always be very good friends Some girlfriends of mine sacrifice everything for the man they love.  They manipulate and deceive to get the man.  Does that make them less of a person?  No.  I may think it’s tragic but, then, they’re in love.  People have been known to do things they would not ordinarily do all because of love.

I have male friends who are womanizers.  I don’t condone their ways but I don’t want to judge them for it.  I don’t know what goes on inside their minds and hearts.  I only see and know how they treat me as a person.  And they treat me with respect and decency.  So, I think that for me to sit in judgment of their actions is not only unjust but extremely hypocritical.

Because, really, what do I know?  And who is to say that I won’t do the same thing?In the end, I am glad that Prince Charles and Camilla finally got married.  Not everyone gets a second chance at love but they did.  The prince did not live happily ever after with the princess we wanted for him but he did so with the princess his heart yearned for.  We should be happy to witness love triumph against all odds.

Diana is an inspiration to all women who have gone through what she had.  She has proven that, even if a man chooses another over you, you can still make a difference in this world.  You still have a life worth living.  You can be the woman you have always wanted and were meant to be.

As for me, I am optimistic that I shall find my prince someday.  I just have to kiss many toads first.

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