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Celebrating 100 Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Posts - All The Single Girlfriends

Celebrating 100 Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Posts

Celebrating Small Successes

Apr 4, 2011 by










Sometimes when you color outside the lines magic happens!

About 8 weeks ago a group of women joined together to launch a special social destination site, All The Single Girlfriends. We wanted to show the world that women 40+, who just  happened to be single (or who don’t take their total identify from their marriage, husband or kids) are living their lives with style and denial. Denial that .. we are not fabulous .. that we are not invisible . . that we are not all the same.

It’s important to acknowledge the small successes along the way .. and 100 posts is cause for us to break out the bubbly.. even if it is virtual!

Meet the Gf Authors!

Each Gf author brings a unique idea of what it means to be single after the big 4-0 birthday. Some are a lot like you while others may hold different views. We come from across the United States: NY, MA, CO, OH, TX, GA, CT, ME, NM, CA, WA, MO and across oceans from New Zealand and the Philippines. We live in the world’s largest cities and in small coastal villages. Some of our family members meow or bark or even cock a doodle do! We are artists, business women and retirees.

There are Gf who have been married and some who have not. There are Gf who lost their soul mates too early in life and some who are still searching. Some love to cook and others climb mountains. Some consider exercise to be running a marathon while taking the cork out of a bottle of wine is just about it for some Gf.

You’ll find us dishin’ about relationships for sure, our pets, new life beginnings, childhood memories and loss too. We’re opening our recipe boxes on Foodie Friday and giving back by helping younger women navigate life.

Simply put, we’re sharing the stories of our lives in conversations that you’d have with your girlfriends over a latte at your favorite coffee shoppe or a glass of wine at the end of a intense day. Call it simply .. Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Talk. We write it as we see it in posts that are  personal, smart, from the heart and with humor.

We  cordially invite you to join is us in this adventure to have fun while we change a perception about life after 40.

Special Gf Tini Toast to Gf author Marianne Richmond for the video amazing walk down memory lane of our 1st 100 posts.

About the Author

Girl Friends Has Written 19 Articles For Us!

All The Single Girlfriends is a social content destination for single girlfriends over 40 who are meeting life with style and denial! Each of us, along with you, brings a unique idea of what it means to be single after the big 4-0 birthday. There is not one right way to do that. However, we double dare anyone to deny that women over 40 are not fun and fabulous!
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  1. @jackyan yup..it’s me! ck us out when you have a sec would love your feedback & advice http://bit.ly/g6WcSO & http://bit.ly/mRaaem ^Toby

  2. @foiledcupcakes yes! all the single girlfriends has been a blast! an overview of where we are frm http://ow.ly/4FsMT

  3. RT @TobyDiva: @shashib compliments fr someone i respect.thank you! @ernohannink ty 4 the tweet 2! http://bit.ly/fOnVJv cc:@marianne @y2vonne

  4. @shashib high complements frm some one i respect ..thank you! @ernohannink ty 4 the tweet 2! http://bit.ly/fOnVJv cc:@marianne @y2vonne

  5. RT @shashib: Congrats @tobydiva 40+ single women community -very outward facing &great team http://bit.ly/fOnVJv

  6. Celebrating 100 Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Posts http://bit.ly/idLux2 Congratulations, girlfriends! #ATSGF #FB

  7. Amazing video celebration of single women over 40 – http://bit.ly/idLux2 #bonnie #simon #debra #pearlman #dorothea #authors #atsGf

  8. Debra A Pearlman

    Marianne you made a fabulous video….I’m so proud to be a member of atsGf. Congratulations to us all! Debra


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