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Mar 18, 2011 by

So recently, I had the opportunity to head out to LA to work for a celebrity client.

I explained to the staff that I wanted to dine at a somewhat touristy place near the West Coast so I could dip my toes in the ocean. Be mindful that it is early March and even in Los Angeles, California the water is cold enough to make the hair on your arms stand, each strand at attention.

I had enlisted my roommate Ola from Sweden as my dining companion as we made our way to the Santa Monica pier for a little Lobster dinner at none other than, The Lobster.

Heading to Santa Monica from Hollywood, where our hotel was conveniently located in the center of everything, was a must – I like quiet boutique establishments, this place came with its own personal oxygen tank. Thusly, it was not known for being serene.

The trek to Santa Monica where the streets have names like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley (which made Ola happy because he is getting his PhD there) and once you hang that left on Ocean Drive you cannot miss the restaurant on the right directly next to the famous  Santa Monica pier.

The The Lobster’s menu features a great number of selections, fish, lobster, shellfish-while it isn’t cheap, you really should order the Lobster (hey, when in Rome). Ola ordered a 3 pounder to my 1.5, it was amazing but bigger than our heads (both of them put together).  It was amazing, cooked  to perfection and we did not even mind  getting dirty and looking ridiculous in those bibs!

I recommend a long walk on the pier & if you can get your dining companion drunk enough, a ride on a penguin ;  )


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