International Women’s Day: How Will You Thank Yourself?

Girlfriends Take Time To Celebrate You!

Mar 8, 2011 by

Today, women from all over the globe, will join in solidarity to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Too often it is expected, from our families to our work colleagues to our friends, that we, as women, will put ourselves second. Funny thing is even our girlfriends often assume that as well.

On March 8th, as we celebrate the women of the world, our Gf author, Sunny Cervantes, reminds us that we should celebrate ourselves as well. As Sunny put it, “Since it’s a day to honor women, why can’t we say thank you to ourselves?” Why not?!

Some of our Girlfriends share a few ideas on what they will thank themselves for and how they will make themselves feel extra special on International Women’s Day .. and through out the year.

For having the determination and strength to forge on despite life’s challenges. For never wavering from my faith in God even when it’s so easy to do so. For just being…me. Thank you, me. 🙂 Sunny

Putting myself first has always been a struggle for me. My goal in 2011 is to put my own needs and desires first. International Women’s Day reminds me to thank myself. I am grateful for that! So I will spend the day getting a day of beauty–exercising, having my hair, nails and toes done, meditating, eating healthy, and spending time with the special girlfriends in my life. I am already excited! Maggie

I’m celebrating all week long! Hot tub and white wine today with one of my favorite creative Girlfriends, and a luxurious massage followed by a lobster dinner with a fellow Pisces Girlfriend later this week. Serena

I thank myself for knowing about the little things in life that make everyday a cherished gift: the sun, the snow, the doggie, my friends, my family .. a smile … Kelley

By just being happy. Oh! and going away with the Girls to LA. Janet DeVito

I love being reminded about how much the women in my life make my life better. My mother inspired me with her intelligence and humor, my sister is always ready with everything from bandaids to advice and I am blown away by my daughter’s wisdom and love. My many friends from work and in my life remind me of how connected I am to us all. And now this great group of women is moving our lives out to make new girlfriends all over the world. What richness! Rebecca

This week I met THE Erica Anenberg and she even signed a piece of her work for me. We had a great discussion about her work. Her entrepreneurial spirit is infectious. Wow! I literally was smiling all day. Sometimes thanking your self  is a splurge that say’s you’re worth every penny. For me it was a piece of jewelry designed by Erica that makes me feel extra special. Dorothea

Thank you Toby for juggling multiple identities Girlfriend, Aunt, Cousin, Marketing Pro in a world where even one seems overwhelming.  Thank you Toby for making time, though you really do need to do this more often!, to breath and spend time with the people you care about without worrying about what else might be to do. I guess that might be called be gentle with yourself and take time to live in the moment. Toby

How will you thank *yourself* on International Women’s Day? Please drop a comment and add to the celebration of you!


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    Thanks for commenting on my blog @, best of luck to you!

  2. Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

  3. @DivaToby International Women’s Day: How Will You Thank Yo.. #international #day #kelley #connors #maggie #new #atsGf

  4. As a member of atsGf I am going to celebrate knowing all these fabulous women who inspire me, inform me, and entertain me to no end. AND – a nice 12 year old single malt after dinner will be nice. Debra

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