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Review of Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog by Lisa Scottoline

Feb 18, 2011 by

Dear Lisa,

This is the first time I have ever written to an here I go ….I picked up your book serendipitously while traveling yet again on one of my many speaking tours this week about “What Women Want”...and was astounded by your book “Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog”. My personal theme song BTW. I was also born in 1955, am divorced twice and have too many dogs…Your stories made me laugh , cry and I felt like we were 1955 year old soul sisters throughout the book.  We have so many crazy traits in common:

1. I too work at home and write a ton

2. No bras except for public appearances and they never fit right. Was rolling on the floor over Spanks references…I had a trial pair in my suitcase and am throwing them out tonight! Worn once and well you know the result….LMAO.

3. Body fat 31%

4. Sleep with dogs – My Golden passed away 3 years ago , My Mini Dachshund of 16 at Christmastime 2011 and my dear Labby last spring…now I am down to my Jack Russel Alpha She dog huntress and my new Lab Puppy Nicky who is as I write this asleep at my feet. One of the funniest parts was your quote on being a dog horder …oh that is SO me at one time I had 15 dogs ( a little of 10 puppies and 5 adult dogs)…and was fostering dogs too..sheesh..but I understand why..I too have tons of Love to give so the dogs, my kids, grand-kids yes I have six already and my parents, sisters,  friends, work-mates get it all.

5. Marriage and I are definitely not on speaking terms – Have almost deleted the term from my vocabulary. Although my parents still living at 85/87 and have been happily married for 66 wonderful years, I know because I spend a ton of time with them, and my take is that they made it look too easy so I married the 1st bum to ask me and expected the same results!! x 2

6. Sleep in my clothes ( sweats) often. Embarrassingly it is just more comfortable and the dogs never say a word to me..

7.  Single mom of 3 kids from the age of 23 ( brand-ex 1 divorced when kids were 2/4/5) …with a very short 2nd “brand-ex 2 ” 2nd disastrous marriage at 30 ( lasted 2.9 long long years).

8. Adore my Mom and Dad and alternately hate they can still make me feel 55…LOL

and many more…..almost weirdly so and I am not “exaggerating” LMAO

I have ordered 5/6 more books on Amazon…( when will they arrive I need a Lisa Scottoline BOOK fix NOW ) so I can begin reading your entire collection, I am an avid reader and so happy to have discovered you.

My path and peculiarities are so parallel to yours in that I write about women in the auto industry, aim to help close the gap with women and men as it relates to automotive topics on my blog and interview women in podcasts to give them a platform to shine as well as work hard to empower women in and out  the automotive industry. I also write a ton thou never a book of my own, many case studies in other books mounting up on my shelf here…need more time to get that book written. How do you do it???

Cheers soul sister…thank you for being so me I mean YOU and allowing me to further embrace my quirky and somewhat eccentric self. Perhaps what we are is normal at 55; un-manned and a single Mom etc etc. Who knows how many of us there are out there!!!! Just happy to have you in my literary life! Keep writing.

P.s. The final chapters I read on route from Billings Montana to Salt Lake City in an awful storm last night…. the plane bouncing all over the place…and I mean scary stuff ..I was so engrossed it kept me calm focused laughing out-loud rather than screaming at the top of my lungs ” Get this bucket on the ground for God’s sake”. ( people were staring at me for sure) giggles. God Bless you Lisa…

To All the Single Girlfriends over 40 you will laugh out loud , I did on the plane and people were staring at me, cry and celebrate with Lisa Scottoline she is one of US: I am so like her it is eerie…down to being a dog hoarder…LMAO.


WHY MY THIRD HUSBAND WILL BE A DOG is like visiting with an old friend. Lisa lets her hair down, roots and all, to write about her ordinary, extraordinary adventures. You’ll laugh at Lisa’s stories and recognize yourself or a loved one in her, Mother Mary, Brother Frank, Daughter Francesca, or BFFs Franca and Laura. No topic is off-limits, and thanks to Lisa, nothing is ever really ordinary. Here’s a sampling from the book:

On Spanx: “I squeezed into them and they transformed my lower body into a cylinder. There were no saddlebags where God intended, and I didn’t have buttocks, I had buttock. I became the cardboard in the roll of toilet paper.”

On Motherhood: “It wasn’t a good idea to join a gym with my daughter. She needed a trainer, and I needed a defibrillator. She wanted treadmills, and I wanted CPR. Bottom line, she was trying to look hotter, and I was trying not to die.”

On Love: “The thing about love is that we can’t control whether we get it, but we can control whether we give it. And each feels as good as the other. Your heart doesn’t know if it’s loving a man, a book, or a puppy. If your heart were that smart, it would be your brain.”

On Men: “It’s only natural for a man to wonder what a woman’s chest looks like. Men have testosterone for a reason, and if they don’t use it looking at our chests, they’ll be causing wars and football playoffs.”

Plus so much more about life, family, pets, and the pursuit of jeans that actually fit. If you need a great gift book for the holidays, treat yourself or someone you love to WHY MY THIRD HUSBAND WILL BE A DOG!

Best Regards,

Jody DeVere
CEO, Inc.

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  1. Tani

    You inspired me – I got the book (from the library – some things ARE free, if you discount the gas to get there. I laughed so hard I scared the cat! It made me want to get on a plane and fly east to meet this woman. I get her. And her writing makes me think she’d get me. That’s pretty wonderful these days!

  2. Beyond Giggles To Laugh Out Loud LOL! #book #review Fabulous review! @girlfriendology

  3. I am definitely getting that book on my kindle! Your review was hysterical!!

  4. Rebecca Crichton

    Wow, maybe you two are twins separated at birth or something… How great to be able to laugh at all the quirks and own yourselves without apologies. I’m going to get the book, laughing out loud when I read is a deep need.

    Here’s the joke I meant to share with the girlfriends: The five stages of man:
    Stage 1 – Hot cereal
    Stage 2 – Hot cars
    Stage 3 – Hot women
    Stage 4 – Hot cars
    Stage 5 – Hot cereal

  5. Debra Pearlman

    After seeing all the emails and texts flying around about this post, I just had to read it for myself. LOL is not the least of it. I so relate to what you are saying, just substitute cats for dogs. I often thought I was becoming the “Crazy Cat-lady of Cambridge” (NY that is). You’ve saved me a bundle on Spanx..was considering trying them out. Bras that fit, I just managed that after 45-odd years of trying. Who’d have thought that such a small item could be so hard to find and cost so much money–and I’m not talking about sexy La Perla stuff, just your everyday, well fitting bra. Oh I ramble, thanks so much for the heads-up on this author.

  6. Just clicked on “buy” on my Kindle. Thanks Jody for the great review. I’m a huge Lisa Scottoline fan. I think I’ve read every single book. Years ago she was on a book tour and stopped by a Barnes and Noble in Edina, MN. It was the same night that the Sopranos was premiering for the season and there were just about nine of us in the audience. I took my daughter. Berit, with me to meet Lisa and I can’t enough how wonderful she was to her. She spent personal time talking to Berit and was completely warm and engagingly. She is a girlfriend’s girlfriend.

    And, if you haven’t read her books, start at the beginning! They’re great.

  7. Tani

    Have I missed something – I thought men were starting wars, playing football AND looking at our chests!

  8. Can’t wait to read this book, Jody. I’m so with the sweats and dogs and just hanging out around the house. Now, luckily for me, Tom is too! He puts up with the dogs peeing on the rug (they’re rescue dogs and still learning how to be housetrained), and with my long naps, and just all around over 40-women issues. We talk ‘marriage’ a lot but have not done much about it. Who cares? Not our kids or our dogs.

  9. Beyond Giggles To Laugh Out Loud LOL! Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog by Lisa Scottoline #book #review

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