Skinny Little Dress

It's The Woman That Makes The Dress!

Feb 14, 2011 by

Shopping for clothes is not what it used to be. It seemed so much easier when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and had a body that could wear just about anything and look fabulous. I never had a weight issue until my late 40’s when changing hormones began wreaking havoc with my formerly maintenance-free body. A single dessert now seemed to be able to add five pounds to my frame overnight.

This is what has made clothes shopping less appealing to me in recent years. I’m in that in-between stage of not resonating to most “women’s” fashions (too “matronly”) and not being able to fit into alot of the trendier clothes that are geared for younger Girlfriends. And if I did manage to find something I loved, I’d get in the dressing room and wouldn’t even be able to get it over my hips. Or it just never looked right. Then I’d get upset with my body and opt for something baggy and safe. I found my shopping trips becoming less and less frequent, and I eventually stopped clothes shopping altogether.

But now I have a major art exhibition coming up. A solo show with a brand-new series of sculptures that are the epitome of my career as a professional artist. And I have nothing to wear for the Opening Reception. Except clothes that are baggy and safe.

So I was forced to return to the battlefield of the clothing store and face the dressing room mirror in the hopes of finding something appropriately artsy for my opening.

It had been a long time since I’d bought clothes. I didn’t even know what to look for anymore. I perused the racks, and within minutes, I found it. The perfect dress! Funky, organic, professional, and artsy. As a matter of fact, it resembled the dress I wore to my very first art opening – when I was 39. But it was a skinny little dress. Could I really wear something like that? I’m over 50!

I brought it into the dressing room along with a handful of other dresses. Closing the door, I overheard a conversation in the room next to me…..

”I hate clothes shopping, nothing looks good on me.”

“That one looks nice!”

“Yeah, but I gotta lose some weight. I don’t know, maybe I should just stick with this top. I always have a hard time with pants. I can never find anything I like.”

The conversation sounded familiar to me. I spent years trying on clothes and grimacing at my reflection in the mirror. But this time, something felt different. As I unzipped my jeans in that dressing room, I noticed that I wasn’t at all concerned that my body wasn’t at the “perfect” weight. I was actually enjoying myself, appreciating and accepting how I looked at this stage of my life, and reveling in it!  I broke into a smile as I started the age-old ritual of trying on clothes, checking the sizes, sorting out what fits and what doesn’t, then putting my street clothes back on to find more clothes and beginning the process all over again. I was having fun.

I didn’t try on the Skinny Little Dress right away, fearing it wouldn’t fit, but I kept it in the dressing room while I spent the next three hours dressing and undressing myself in virtually every article of clothing in the store. With nothing left on the racks to try on, and the store about to close, I decided it was time to try that Skinny Little Dress.

It slid perfectly over my hips.

I attached the belt. I looked like a million bucks.

Now if I could only lose a pound or two before the show……

I stopped myself in mid-sentence. I’m perfect as I am now. If I lose a couple of pounds, great, but no matter what, I’m ready for my opening – artsy, beautiful and proud in my funky little dress.

Learn more about my  exhibition — Gourd Spirits Dancing. If you’re near Manchester Vermont from now until March 15 please stop by and see my collection of carved gourd pottery.

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  1. teri

    I could have written this myself. GF I feel your pain and have been there more times than I care to remember. You’re right on point about how easy it was to find something to wear when we were younger. Now if I have a date, I have to start perusing my closet a few days in advance to see if it looks outdated and if I can fit into it without holding my breath thru dinner. I find it quite depressing and while I don’t shop that often when I do it’s online. Shopping in a store in Manhattan with all those young shoppers and even younger sales clerks is more than this 50-something can handle. My ego is mighty fragile at this point and I don’t need the humiliation.

    • I wish there were clothing stores for Girlfriends like us, Teri! Shopping for clothes should be FUN, regardless of our age and size! And we have the right to beautiful, funky, trendy clothes! The closest I’ve come to that is Carl Durfee’s Store in Fair Haven, Vermont. – SerenaK

  2. Dorothea


    That dress is lucky to have such a creative person taking it off the rack and giving it a whir!

    I’d the same experience recently trying on a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans. I wear a size that is a good bit larger than I once was and love that I have the curves now to finally fill them out.

    : )

  3. Rebecca Crichton

    Looks like the perfect dress. Glad you realized you were perfect as you are. And I propose we find shopping buddies who can help us find the things that make us feel beautiful and provide another set of approving eyes. I offer my services for when we finally meet! I always find clothes my friends look wonderful wearing.

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