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Valentine Day Celebration With Your Single Girlfriends

Feb 14, 2011 by

Okay, I’ll admit it. Valentine ’s Day is one of those times when not being a part of a couple can be challenging. Sure, there are endless cards- from syrupy to snappy – honoring the other relationships in our lives – dear friends, special relatives, dependent pets, you name it, the marketers have it all covered.

But when it comes to that special Valentine’s dinner and the meaningful gifts partners are meant to exchange,  a single woman can feel downright deprived unless she has a good strategy to stave off the voices in our heads (you pick the one whose words sting the most, I’ll spare you mine). And I am not about to spend a small fortune for some famous chef’s tribute to Cupid with one of my friends, or enter such pheromone-rich environments alone.

So a few years ago, I instituted an almost-annual “Valentine’s Dinner for Women with Love in Their Lives (but no partners.)” I was surprised how many of my single friends jumped on the idea which seemed at first to have a slight green tinge to it. But sour grapes make a suitable marinade and steeped up a grand meal worthy of the women who attended.

The rules were few and simple. Wonderful food, good wine or creative cocktails, and stories of the abundance of caring relationships and the richness of the lives we had created for ourselves.  Nasty, spiteful, mean-spirited stories of past relationships were not welcome. Frank Sinatra was not on the stereo.

I made artichokes cooked in a lemon and garlic flavored broth and served on my very own artichoke plates that have a tiny well for the dipping sauce. The sauce was rich vinaigrette with a hint of anchovies and lots of lemon and good mustard and yogurt – creamy and tangy.

The rest of the meal – Cioppino with plenty of clams, mussels and shrimps and good salmon had masses of toasted bread to sop up the sauce. A bright arugula salad with fennel, oranges, red onions and feta and a baslmic dressing provided contrast.

Dessert was a dark chocolate fondue that we dipped fruit and cake and candied ginger into, allowing ourselves to be messy and happy.

Remember the ‘almost-annual’ description above? We had a hiatus for a few years after two of the women decided to enter the treacherous waters of relationship again.  My brief relationship from Hell took longer to recover than the relationship itself but I am finally ready to reinstitute the event.

This is my Valentine’s gift to all the single girlfriends. Gather your best buddies around you and remind yourselves you deserve the best of everything. Eat well –include plenty of garlic and chocolate, both good for your health – and tell stories that make you laugh out loud.

The world is full of possibilities for friendship and love and it comes in all shapes, sizes and species.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. marsha jane

    Dear Rebecca,

    I don’t remember any valentines, but I remember you and artichokes.

    Happy Heart Day


  2. Ellen

    Rebecca, dear:
    What a wonderful way to celebrate all the wonderous ways love comes into our lives!
    Congratulations on the debut of the website!
    All love, Ellie

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