Dating in the Middle Ages

Why do you think men rarely ask women out?

Feb 12, 2011 by

So…Many of my girlfriends, too many, have been saying that men no longer approach them. The same is pretty much true for me. I have average looks, I get it. But half of these women are gorgeous, 2 are models in fact. They are from 30’s to 50’s. So it’s not a specific age, not a specific profession, and not all are in my geographic area.

The conclusion is that men on the most part just do not bother dating much anymore, and these women agree. It’s a fact. Men think about it on occasion, they might start a dating profile, but they don’t make the effort to actually go on dates. OK, maybe once in a long while, but not often enough to really start a relationship. In fact, there is a new web series (Dating In The Middle Ages) about this:

One of my friends has a theory that PVC’s in plastics have lessened men’s libidos. One woman thought it is the Atlanta area, but I happen to know several women in other states and it’s the same thing in at least 3 more states. One thought she must be giving the wrong vibes, but if that were the case all these women with all these different personalities would not have this issue.

I think I know the answer. Men are not interested in coupling because they have Netflix, video games and porn to keep them company, we just are no longer seen as necessary.

Why do you think men rarely ask women out?

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  1. Ellen

    I think you are on to something. Many of my married or coupled friends suggest that they have much less interaction with their partners since the advent of Netflix, gaming, and porn. They go out less and spend less quality time together. One woman laments that it used to just be during football season, now it’s all the time. So it seems to be a widespread phenomenon of men of a certain age with access to technology.

  2. maybe it’s where you’re looking for them…or you’re not picking up the signals. Just a thought…

  3. Dating in the Middle Ages | All The Single Girlfriends: In fact, there is a new web series (Dating In The Middle…

  4. Maggie

    I didn’t realize Atlanta men had stopped dating. I thought it was just me. Maybe we should start asking me out.

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