Holiday Challenges For Dieters

Dec 1, 2011 by

Holiday time is always a challenge for dieters but this year is especially hard for me. I managed Thanksgiving fairly well until most of the guests went home.  Then the “sneak” eating commenced.  I thought, “well, just a taste of Sheila’s apple pie won’t hurt….” but she made two different types of apple pie so that was two pieces.  Of course, there was Laura’s amazing brownies with an Oreo cookie in the middle and when else do you get to have pumpkin pie.  Before I knew it, I’d had 4 desserts and felt like a fool.  Resolve to eat better tomorrow. And I did start the day well.  I made good choices when I went out for breakfast with friends.  I kept “on-track” while driving up to my rental property in upstate New York...

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