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Photo Opportunities

Oct 31, 2011 by

Remember back to the days when we took photographs with a single-function device? Perhaps you still have one from before we all went...

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Elevating the Lowly Lentil

Oct 14, 2011 by

Many years ago, during what might be called my ‘Hippy Phase,’ I took a lentil salad to a potluck. A young, intense man approached me,...

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I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me....

Oct 3, 2011 by

The Jewish High Holidays kicked off with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, on Wednesday, September 28 and continues until Yom...

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My Grandmother’s Pickles

Sep 23, 2011 by

It’s pickle time! Pickling cucumbers, those knarly, hard little cucumbers that always seem dirtier than their large glossy cousins...

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Plum Delicious

Sep 9, 2011 by

I heard a local radio foodie declare that this time of year is the very best for just about everything worth harvesting from our...

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Weird Ingredients

Aug 26, 2011 by

Here are a few weird ingredients I always have on hand and you should too… Okay, maybe you don’t need to have them, once you know...

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So What Makes a Foodie, Anyway...

Aug 19, 2011 by

We just passed the six month mark for our wonderful All the Single Girlfriends website and we now know that our Foodie Friday feature...

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My Grand Pup, The Model

Aug 10, 2011 by

I often write about my wonderful daughter Erika.  She is a Hospice Social Worker in Bellingham, Washington, and has been happily...

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Wonderful Meal by a Very Good ...

Jul 29, 2011 by

Last week I visited friends I have known since high school at their beautiful house on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont.  The...

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Summer Salad Trio

Jul 1, 2011 by

Word has it that the rest of the country has topped 80 degrees while here in the Northwest we are still hoping for more than one day...

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‘C’-ing my way Forward

Jun 27, 2011 by

Forgive the pun, but I finally found a cluster concept that is helping me navigate this new landscape of retirement. They all start...

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Finding the Right Words

Jun 17, 2011 by

My father, Sol Radam, died at the age of 90, right after celebrating his ‘second’ 90th birthday. It seemed fitting that my bigger-...

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