White Trash ‘Toonis

Oct 7, 2011 by

Recently a friend was coming over for Friday martinis. (Everyone knows they can invite themselves over pretty much any Friday. There will be ‘toonis.) I decided to do something a little different so I got out my smaller Kerr jars and made individual drinks. Fun to look at; easy to make. You simply pour vodka over ice (and if you simply must, add a drop or three of dry vermouth). Screw on the lid, shake vigorously. Then, keep in freezer until company arrives. To serve, thread a fresh cherry tomato, a pickled okra pod and a pickled green tomato on a cocktail pick. Wrap a paper towel around the base of the jar with a rubber band, for that extra special touch. On the side, you can offer pimento cheese on saltines (Hey, if...

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Skype-tini Anyone?

Jul 18, 2011 by

About a year ago I made a major change in my life and moved from upstate New York to Maryland.  I hated leaving my country home and friends, but work was limited in Cambridge and most of my free-lance clients were based in the Washington D.C. area.  I started working a 4-day  week for the School Programs at Kennedy Krieger Institute, which gave me some steady income while still working my free-lance gigs for Discovery.  Anyway…., a year goes by and I return to Cambridge to visit with some friends, check on my house (it’s rented right now), and attend my friend Jayne’s art show opening at the Small Gallery. I really love my friend Jayne.  We share a great deal of the same interests and have the same quirky sense of reality.  She...

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