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Marketing Strategy Archives - All The Single Girlfriends

Top 5 Advices for Marketing Newbies...

Jun 11, 2012 by

A cousin who calls me Obi Wan (I know, I know) and is about to join the marketing world asked me this:  “What are your top 5 advices for a marketing newbie?” The question made me recall my own Marketing Jedi-In-Training days.  Those were not happy days.  At all.  My memory recounts endless tears, utter confusion and an almost paralyzing fear that I was really born devoid of a brain. Back then (Sigh! This sentence beginning always makes me feel as old as Yoda), marketing was the career of the desperate.  When you’re a fresh college graduate and jobless, you take a marketing job until something better and serious comes along.  Like accountancy. And so it was that I found myself signing that first employment contract with much relief.  Never mind that I have...

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Anybody Who Pays?

Feb 1, 2012 by

I was having a lovely lunch with some business colleagues when the talk veered to someone’s new business. Me:  “So, who’s your target market for it?” Businessman:  “Anybody who pays!” WEH?! In the Jurassic Era, “anybody who pays” is an excellent marketing strategy.  What do dinosaurs know about marketing anyway?  All they care about is not being devoured by the T-Rex. In the 21st century, however, there is no “anybody who pays.”  If your marketing director is dispensing that sage advice, you should fire him.  Immediately.  If you continue listening to that drivel, you will be devoured by the modern day T-Rex – your competition. I don’t need to tell you how saturated the market is with every product and service known to man and fungi.  There are products and services whose purpose in...

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