Goats and The City

Mar 25, 2011 by

  I got to milk goats!  I got to milk goats! Really!  I did!  Eight of my friends and I spent a sunny morning last week with The Goat Cheese Lady, learning to make cheese.  The Goat Cheese Lady, also known as Lindsey, lives right here in Colorado Springs with her lovely family and a small herd of backyard goats. Goats make charming companions, a fact we discovered when they let us milk them and even hold their newborn babies without complaining.  A goat even joined a conversation I was having with a preteen friend.  I turned to this goat and said, “Oh, hello!” and my politeness brought my friend delight as only a ten year old can express it.  Ten year old boys can be very charming too. The family also has backyard...

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