Gloria at 77

Aug 29, 2011 by

At age 77, Gloria Steinem is having a renaissance in the media.  Of course, thanks to Steinem, we single women didn’t have it rougher than we did.  We could have, you know. For decades, Steinem not only fought that we women, single and married, be perceived and treated as people [not babes]. She also remained single, until late in her life.   And that was despite her classically attractive face and bone structure which could have attracted a wealthy husband.  Steinem was not from a privileged background. In conjunction with the airing of the HBO documentary on Steinem, Maria Shriver interviews her in the current edition of Interview Magazine.  The conversation has many surprises. For example, despite all her emotional boldness in activism and not marrying, Steinem tells us that she essentially ducked whatever was associated...

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