Saving the World Is Boring.

Jan 30, 2012 by

Following on my post from last week, We ALL Need A Village. Tedious. Overwhelming. Numbing.   And oh-so-terribly depressing…However, we have to start somewhere…or there’ll be no “where” to save one of these days. That’s why I’m working on the Adopt A Village project with Global Hope Network International. Yeah. You’ve heard it all before, all over the place. (How many pleas did you pitch in the recycle bin this month, unopened?  My count is at least 10.)  So why am I continuing to write about this? Here’s why: Empathy. Forget the videos, photos, and heartfelt pleas for a second. (Not to worry. No sad photos of starving kids are in this blog post.) Let’s face it, we’ve all pretty much become numb to the woes of the world. EVERYTHING has become an outrage.  Oh-hum. (If we...

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