Fat Is The New Thin

Feb 15, 2011 by

We’ve all heard the buzz. 50’s are the new 40’s. 40’s are the new 30’s. Cougars are the new wasted floozies …But if you really are keen you have seen … FAT is the NEW THIN! That’s right. Tides have rolled in for the rolley and the polley. Our basic human mating preference social structure has made a definite twist. To understand this new paradigm we need to break down the sexes into their respective categories as classified by their opposites. You see, we have three types of men: You have your Average Joes, your Chubby Chasers, and your 3-V men. Average Joes are just that, they follow the norm. Chubby Chasers, well, they have been ahead of the curve. And the much celebrated 3-V’s (that stands for vjay-jay is vjay-jay is vjay-jay )...

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