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Birthdays Archives - All The Single Girlfriends

Voting for Birthdays

May 31, 2011 by

“Do you have a birthday coming up?”, I wrote.  “Skipping it, thanks.”, my friend wrote back. Really? I find this hard to understand. Why would anyone skip an opportunity for birthday cake, balloons and the possibility of sparkly confetti? It’s not just the bright colors that make birthdays a delight.  Every birthday is a chance to celebrate the lives of those we love, and even those we merely like!  What makes them so fearsome to adults? Whatever you think about aging, it’s hard to argue for the alternative.  Someone ought to caution us not to let the inexperience of youth inform our opinion of age.  What treasures will the lucky ones find?  What does a person know at 95 that she didn’t know at 55?  Why decide we don’t want to be older before we...

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Staring Down The Big 6-0

Feb 14, 2011 by

If someone had asked me on December 17, 1955 – the day this photo was taken- how old I was, unhesitatingly and with great enthusiasm, I would have held up 4 and a half fingers and shared that I turned 4 1/2 just three days ago. Now, some 55 years later, when the issue of age comes up I find myself a bit more tentative in my response as if not having to say it out loud will prevent it from happening. When people find out how old I am, they answer with the obligatory, “I would never have guessed that! You don’t look like you are going to be 60.” I have a theory about this. Telling people over 50 that they don’t look their age has become as rote as saying “I’m good,”...

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