atsGf A Pithy Book Review

Jul 14, 2011 by

atsGf A Pithy Book Review is the idea of Gf Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe who suggested we supplement traditional book reviews with ones that are 2 lines and a strong opinion. Hope you enjoy! Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe – This book is incredibly insightful and very well researched. The contributors and content that Ms. De Paulo has woven together in such an astute fashion makes this a good read for both men and women. It should be distributed by every single person that has been discriminated against in the workplace, advertisers, financial institutions, amongst married/ coupled-off friends, and society as a whole. Marianne Richmond –  Bella DePaulo’s book is based upon the definition of singlism as a social concept; “negative stereotypes and discrimination faced by singles.” She and her co-authors find this marginalization of and discrimination against single women in all...

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