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Going It Alone Archives - All The Single Girlfriends


Apr 26, 2011 by

“Old age takes everyone by surprise, and no one really ever comes to terms with it.” That’s what Jill Lepore writes in THE NEW...

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Living a Dangerous Life

Apr 20, 2011 by

Everyone knows it’s dangerous to, say, ride a motorcycle or eat saturated fat, but somehow we miss the inherent danger of being...

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Home Alone With Ice Cream

Apr 7, 2011 by

It’s Friday night and I am home alone, angry at the sink.  This is ridiculous, of course, but I feel as if I have been doing dishes...

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What Do Cats Dream Of?

Mar 15, 2011 by

This elderly little cat has lived with me since I was 25, before I was married.  To everyone’s surprise, she has outlived my...

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Two Widows .. Now Equals

Mar 14, 2011 by

I sat by the stack of RSVP’s for the wedding in June that would not take place. I stared at them a good long while before I picked...

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Trading Nightmares For Dreams

Mar 4, 2011 by

I’m sitting on the couch on Friday morning.  A train whistles, telling tales of its journeys to places I’ve never been....

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Ohhh … So THAT’S Why (I’m Not ...

Mar 2, 2011 by

If you are like me, you have some friends who you intangibly just sense will not get married, at least any decade soon. You can sit...

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Waking Up On The Black Couch

Feb 27, 2011 by

Returning home, the day’s events washed over me like a proper London rain. I was completely soaked in the wet energy of others, their...

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Keep Him…Then You Won...

Feb 25, 2011 by

Max came into my life quite unexpectedly and my life changed. I didn’t know it at the time. How often do we not realize the...

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Home Alone On A Saturday Night

Feb 18, 2011 by

I’ve been officially single since 1974. Separate from several ‘long-term’ relationships never lasting longer than 5 years, and only...

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Power Couples: That wasn’t pos...

Feb 17, 2011 by

At one time, to constitute a Power Couple, like the Clintons or Obamas, you had to be married.  That left a single woman like myself...

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Kiss Me Like A Stranger

Feb 14, 2011 by

George – Chapter 1: That this will be read by complete strangers, people who I have not yet met or never, makes this missive...

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