Irene Turner

The heart suffers when it cannot see and touch beauty, but beauty is not shy it is synonymous with existence. ~ Hafiz

In my life I’ve moved 34 times, in three countries on two continents, and have traveled the world for both business and pleasure. All that moving inspired in me a need to feel at home, and a desire to help others create that feeling of home too.

I started my first job in the fashion industry as a trend director, product developer, and color specialist. This job entailed spending about 75% of my time on a plane, in a hotel room, and in temporary offices.

I finally left the Fashion business after 15 years, mainly because I contracted that near-fatal disease called corporate burn out!

I then started my own interior design firm, both because of my desire to create home wherever I was, and because of my passion for beauty in all forms. Before I knew it, the pace picked up, and once again I was on airplanes and in hotels serving an international cliental.

By 2001, I knew that if I continued at this pace, some aspect of my Self would die, and the life I dreamed of would never be. So, without a plan, I packed up and moved to Northern California where I knew no one. I landed in the small town of Bodega on the Sonoma County Coastline, population 176. Yikes!

Personally, it was exactly what I needed. I spent the first two years re-inventing myself, regaining my health, and literally, slowing down. I still traveled for my business, but when I was home, I walked in nature, spent time lying in the sand dunes listening to the ocean, and strengthening my meditation and yoga practice.

I slowed down enough that after nineteen years of being single I met, and married an incredible man. While I never had children of my own, I inherited two wonderful sons, the oldest of which brought home a terrific daughter-in-law, and, best of all, we now have the brightest and most beautiful grandbaby-in-the-world! (With another on the way)

I live in Sonoma County, which is a wine capital. Plentiful, fresh, and really good food is considered a norm, and of course great wine is accessible everywhere. And, did I mention how beautiful it is here?

All of these reasons and more have helped me feel at home in a way I’ve never had before. It has led me to slow down and consider life in a more (w)holistic way.

I still LOVE to travel, love beauty in all forms, love my husband, family and friends. I am a woman, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, YaYa, friend, traveler, meditator, yogi, designer, writer, ex-fashionista, techie, foodie, student, teacher, Virgo, change agent! And you?

I look forward to becoming a part of this fabulous community of women.

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