Bonnie Simon

My favorite saying: Odds of the home-front; odds of the sun; odds of a herringbone. Run, run, run. Jennifer Michael Hecht’s poem, The Propagation of the Species
I am an urban homesteader in Colorado Springs, CO. I raise chickens, make my own yogurt and am learning to grow some food, all within sight of downtown in a 1950s era neighborhood.I got here because life happens as it happens and I was widowed at age 39.

This led me to believe there is no time like the present to live the life I want to live, and what I want is a life in my own version of the Wild West, with chickens. I would like you to believe I am an imposing pioneer woman with a gray braid, long cotton dress and a shotgun handy in case anyone tries to evict my hens from the city (“Get off my land, Sheriff. The chickens are staying and they’re not paying their taxes either!”), but chickens are perfectly legal in Colorado Springs and none of that is actually true.

So I admit, I am really an ordinary person who recently left a career in insurance information technology (The glamorous world of insurance!) to start a small business designed to fill the gap between local farms and local dinner tables. Read more about my life and my flock of chickens on The Hungry Chicken Homestead site
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