Thinking…About Boxes and New Clothes...

Mar 22, 2011 by

This morning I was thinking.  Honest!  I was lying in bed and a kitten was curled up on my stomach purring her heart out.  I didn’t have the heart to disturb her so I lay there with nothing to do but think. I thought about thinking and the different ways people think.  Most people think—except for the ones who call about subscribing to the newspaper.  When I tell them I get the paper seven days a week they invariably ask, “what about Sunday?” Perhaps they live in a parallel universe with eight-day weeks, but I doubt it.  I think they live in a parallel universe that tells them to read the script without deviation.  Which makes them like most people – linear thinkers. While there are admittedly a few linear thinkers in my circle,...

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Norwegian Christmas Breakfast

Mar 18, 2011 by

Feeding people, although always a big part of my life, has evolved over time. Young, married, two incomes, little time: we grilled filet mignon, sautéed veal piccata and served Dover sole.  Divorced, two young kids, no time, little money: frozen chicken patties and Minute Rice.  Now, in my empty nest, most meals are made up of leftover veggies and odd bits of meat, cooked up on the Foreman grill and tossed with a bowl of pasta.  And then there are the homecomings. I no longer cook dishes, but serve up traditions. Each holiday has its “menu” and we have to juggle the visitors’ schedules with the requisite meals. One invariable event is Christmas breakfast.  My grandfather was from Denmark and we grew up attending monthly meetings of the Scandinavian Club he founded in Columbus,...

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Sizzling Creativity .. Ouch!

Mar 1, 2011 by

FEBRUARY 22, 2011 A Little Zap of the Brain Yields Fresh Insights * Research subjects who received electrical stimulation of the anterior temporal lobes of the brain were 3 times more likely to come up with the fresh insight needed to solve a difficult, unfamiliar problem than people in a control group, according to Richard Chi and Allan Snyder of the University of Sydney. The researchers say they envision a future when noninvasive brain stimulation is briefly employed for solving problems that have evaded traditional cognitive approaches.  Source: Facilitate Insight by Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Wow!  Shades of Young Frankenstein! According to a recent study forwarded by the Harvard Business Review , it seems Mother should not have yelled at my cousin and me all those years ago.  I was three and Tommy was barely...

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No Surprises

Feb 16, 2011 by

An evening at the opera is rife with emotions: love, hate, jealousy, despair, anger, joy and wonder. It should not, however, be an evening of white-knuckle suspense.  Let’s face it, the endings of the great warhorses are known. I’m not giving away secrets when I tell you Mimi dies, Lucia goes insane (and dies) and Don Giovanni ends up in Hell. After all, the opening chords of Mozart’s Don Giovanni make it pretty clear that there is a sorry ending in it for someone.  An evening at the opera is no time for surprises. Opera is complicated! You have a story and sets and costumes and acting and sometimes dancing and, yes, words and music.  It’s a lot to absorb.  Without a little preparation you can experience sensory overload, confusion and even fatigue (to...

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Jan 25, 2011 by

She was young and fresh and beautiful when we welcomed her into our home with joy and anticipation. But now, she’s faded and brittle; her day is done and she must go. Once again it’s time to take down “the tree”. Yes, I recognize that “organized” girlfriends took theirs down long ago, but in the spirit of procrastination, my tree didn’t go up until Christmas Eve, so it’s only been four weeks. Nevertheless, the chore is upon me. I can’t help contrast the feelings that go with putting up the tree with today’s thoughts as I take it down. The physical effort is roughly the same: hauling the tree up the steps to the living room; digging the boxes out from under the stairs; clearing a place of honor so that the lights cast...

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