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Thinking…About Boxes and...

Mar 22, 2011 by

This morning I was thinking.  Honest!  I was lying in bed and a kitten was curled up on my stomach purring her heart out.  I didn’t...

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Norwegian Christmas Breakfast

Mar 18, 2011 by

Feeding people, although always a big part of my life, has evolved over time. Young, married, two incomes, little time: we grilled...

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Sizzling Creativity .. Ouch!

Mar 1, 2011 by

FEBRUARY 22, 2011 A Little Zap of the Brain Yields Fresh Insights * Research subjects who received electrical stimulation of the...

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No Surprises

Feb 16, 2011 by

An evening at the opera is rife with emotions: love, hate, jealousy, despair, anger, joy and wonder. It should not, however, be an...

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Jan 25, 2011 by

She was young and fresh and beautiful when we welcomed her into our home with joy and anticipation. But now, she’s faded and brittle;...

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