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Marianne Richmond, Author at All The Single Girlfriends

My Unforgettable Mother

May 8, 2011 by

I wrote the post below in October 2008 and as I tried to write a Mother’s Day post this year I decided that I felt pretty much exactly the same today as I had felt then….probably not the best endorsement from the department of “letting go” but honestly after three years I am just now maybe getting used to the fact that she is really gone and I still miss her with the same intensity that I felt the day in May when she took her last breath. She was unforgettable… Today would have been my mom’s 96th birthday. She passed away in May, a week after Mother’s Day,  so it is really with this birthday that the circle of firsts begin. The first October 27th when we are not celebrating her birthday; the first Thanksgiving...

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The Royal Wedding Fairytale

Apr 29, 2011 by

When we first discussed the idea of an All the Single Girlfriends post regarding the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton not surprisingly there was a diversity of opinions amongst the Girlfriends regarding the Royal to-do ranging from yawns to disgust, and everything in between. This is not all that different from the rest of the planet except that in my observation of  the media coverage of the event, the Official Royal version appears to be speaking the loudest. According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll just 28% of Americans are under the Royal Wedding spell but as Kathryn Shattuck notes in the New York Times, the other 72% of us might plan on Netflix streaming for home entertainment on April 29th. ABC News (yes, ABS News) is apparently not only...

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Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

Apr 1, 2011 by

When I lived in New York City a lifetime ago, summer weekends followed a long standing ritual practiced in various ways by what seemed like an entire city….packing up and getting out.  For me it was a group of single girlfriends who rented a beach house in Southhampton. We spent our days there on the beach, solving life’s problems and working on our tans; nights were spent preparing the incredible feasts that NYC kitchens didn’t allow. That time in the sun we probably all regret as we look in the mirror today, but that time spent cookin’ and eatin’ was probably one of the most fun girlfriend times of my life and even to this day, summer often finds me conjuring up those recipes which oddly enough have weathered the years and the change...

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Corn Dogs!

Mar 18, 2011 by

Like Tani, feeding people has been a part of my life that has evolved over the years. However, maybe because my nest is only semi-empty at this point in time or maybe because she has two daughters and I have two sons (the difference between boys and girls in family dynamics with a single mother is a whole other topic) the evolution itself has been quite different. She makes notes of the homecomings and that she now serves up traditions. Our homecomings are a little different….When the three of us are reunited, our traditional food behavior can be fairly non-traditional. Sure, we have our traditional recipes for various holidays but at the moment Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two left where everyone is home to be served. So over the month long Christmas...

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Cutting the Cord

Feb 21, 2011 by

Yes, apparently that’s the term for canceling cable and watching TV programming over the “air”, over the net, or some combination of the two with emphasis on the online sources.  So, there is a lot being written about this in terms of “the truth” about cord cutting….either it is true that hundreds of thousands of people are doing it or it’s not true, a myth. Or not only is it not true, the opposite is true….more people are signing up for cable. And if those truths don’t work, there is always, it’s true but those who cut the cord are in for an unpleasant surprise and will soon re-attach the cord. Girlfriends, I am here to tell you none of that truth matters….what matters is, does cutting the cord make sense for you? And...

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Recycling Valentine’s Day...

Feb 16, 2011 by

So, another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Maybe this year you received something wonderful from the special someone in your life…maybe there is really not a special someone in your life right now. But maybe, you have some once wonderful Valentine’s Days artifacts from someone not so special any longer. Recently, I did an informal inventory of things in my house…things that I haven’t worn, used, looked at or even thought about for years. Many of these things were small and really weren’t taking up needed space but nonetheless could I really justify their existence in my house? Furthermore, would there be advantages to getting them out of my house and life? Would they have value to someone else? Ok, what exactly am I talking about? Mostly I am talking about gifts from...

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The It’s Not DiGoirno…… OR Delivery, It’s Actually Good Pizza Recipe...

Feb 12, 2011 by

I used to watch cable news incessantly…maybe obsessively.  It started with the 9/11 attack and continued until I finally decided that The Food Network was actually a lot more fair and balanced. It also had added benefits. There was an endless array of new recipes to try that for the most part all seemed to get rave reviews from the two food critics that live with me, my two sons. So thanks Bobby, Paula, Guy, Alton, et al….when we are hungry, we know one of you will have the solution. And one of the most popular solutions to hunger around here is pizza. Unfortunately, the delivery choices are mostly the chains and we don’t even have to discuss DiGoirno do we? But the problem with homemade pizza has always been time and at least for me, lack of...

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