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A Better Me Through Bariatric Surgery ..

Apr 23, 2012 by

This weekend has been a reawakening of my life.

Friday, I had my lap-band surgery and all went really well.  Now the real work begins.  Truth be told, I’ve been holding back on so many emotions.  I feel like I have to say good-bye to old friends like pasta, bread and fried food.  But then that makes me wonder about why I would have thought them my friends.

My friends would not hurt me or look to console me in a way that would threaten my health.  My friends would support me and help me make good choices.  So now I have to delve into the world of my food addiction and try to understand exactly what the attraction was/is all about.

I think of it as my 12 step program to health.  First…admit that you have a problem.  Well, I think choosing to have surgery to assist in my conquering my addiction does that.  Actually, making the decision to have bariatric surgery was not a difficult one.  I have struggled with my weight for so long and really needed to find the right tool for me.  And that is what everyone keeps telling me.

Surgery is a tool, not a cure.  Unlike smoking or addictive drugs, you cannot choose to stop eating.  Well, I suppose you can, but then that leads to a whole different body and health issue.  No touch of anorexia is possible, as much as I may have wished for it in the past.

Right now, I’ve completed my 48 hours of clear liquid diet and am on the first day of my full liquid diet.  That will last one week.  I’m allowed to take in approximately 4 oz. of liquid every half hour.  I’m also trying to take in 50-65 grams of protein each day.  Not so easy to do.  I think the hard part will come when I’m a few weeks into this and the reality hits me.  No cocktails for 6 months…going out to dinner, well that will be a whole new phase to conquer.

In the weeks and months that follow, I will share my thoughts, fears, struggles, and all the details that occur as a result of my surgery.

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  1. Congratulations on the first step, Debra! I’ll be sending up prayers and look forward to following your progress! Keep up the great work! You are already beautiful!
    – SerenaK

  2. Debra Pearlman

    I’ve read your posting and some of the information is not consistent with bariatric liquid diets. For instance, caffeine is not allowed and water soluble protein drinks are okay on the clear and full liquid diets. That said, for the most part you are describing the process pretty accurately. You just left out the portion that all medication need to be in liquid form unless really tiny– it’s either that or crush them, pulverize them and then mix them in water and swallow. I’m am anxiously awaiting my puree phase.


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