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OM is in hOMe

Slow Down..Enjoy The Beauty

Mar 27, 2012 by

One of the things I find missing in our fast pace lives is an inclusion of Spirit in the everyday. Now I’m not talking religion, but rather a sense of the mystical, the magical and the very breath of life.

For me, one of the easiest ways to be with spirit is through a little bit of beauty. Beauty is one of those intangible elements that speaks to our spirit, uplifts our soul and makes us feel good.  When we are surrounded by beauty it is generally difficult to be negative or depressed.

Yes, beauty matters! It almost always makes us want to stop, and breathe it in. Natural beauty is filled with grace and style.  And, I believe it should be an intrinsic part of every space, whether our home or workspace.

What are some of the ways you can bring spirit through beauty into your home everyday?

  • Start with a good spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Yes, tidy is prettier then messy!
  • Buy some flowers, and spread them throughout each room. 
  • Light the candles, even when you are by yourselves.
  • Use aromatherapy to uplift your mood and your space.
  • Create an altar that expresses who you are; it could be as simple as photos of our loved ones, or a collection of meaningful objects.
  • Select colors that make you “feel” good.
  • Use your good china, or simply set a beautiful table, even if you are just one for dinner.
  • Place a special object that is beautiful right as you enter your home to remind you that you are beautiful.
  • Light the fireplace, even if it is a bit of work.
  • Put dimmers on all your lights so that you create a romantic ambiance.
  • Create a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom, no matter what the size.

These are often things we don’t do in our everyday lives. They require time, and we have to slow down for a moment to think about it. This pause allows us to breathe, and to take a minute, just to rejuvenate our spirit.

After all, OM is in home, and creating a home that enlivens us and speaks to our soul will bring us comfort, and create an environment in which our spirit will ultimately thrive.

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Irene Turner Has Written 2 Articles For Us!

In my life I’ve moved 34 times, in three countries on two continents, and have traveled the world for both business and pleasure. All that moving inspired in me a need to feel at home, and a desire to help others create that feeling of home too. I started my own interior design firm, both because of my desire to create home wherever I was, and because of my passion for beauty in all forms. I still LOVE to travel, love beauty in all forms, love my husband, family and friends. I am a woman, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, YaYa, friend, traveler, meditator, yogi, designer, writer, ex-fashionista, techie, foodie, student, teacher, Virgo, change agent! And you?
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  1. Isn’t if funny how many of the beautiful things we love and cherish are saved for “company only?” You’ve inspired me to buy flowers today and use a special crystal vase.

    • Good for you Toby! If we aren’t our own best company I think we are in trouble! I often take a simple bunch of flowers, even daffodils and put each one in a bud vase or floating in a bowl and spread them out through out the house…from the bathroom and bedroom, to the entry and office. Their bright yellow faces always make me smile.
      I’m not even sure I own a crystal vase…they went by way of the ex husband. Hmmmmmm I may have to go out and get one after 26 years! Cheers….Have a great day

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