ATSGF 1st Anniversary

What Makes A Girlfriend?

Feb 14, 2012 by

"All the single girlfriends"One year ago today an amazing community of Girlfriends began a new adventure together.

All The Single Girlfriends captured the imagination of women who had blown out the candles on their fortieth birthday cake. Some weeks ago some years ago.

We wanted to change the perceptions about women who are “single in spirit” after the Big 4-0. We knew we were still as fabulous, sexy and amazing as the day before .. maybe even more so! So we did what Girlfriends do .. we told our stories.

What happened was even more amazing. By sharing our stories we found kindred spirits. Among our diversity of experiences we found similarities. We touched lives and we validated the importance of girlfriends .. to support, to share, to just have fun.

Thanks to Marianne Richmond for her First Year Valentine Anniversary gift of this video which highlights what being an atsGf meant to us this year.

We invite you to join us as we continue discovering “What Makes A Girlfriend.”

Join us for a very special podcast! Valentine Day Anniversary podcast. Date: 2/14 Time: 7p-8p Dial-in numnber: 724. 444.7444 Call ID 97682 or join the call online.

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