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Jan 16, 2012 by

2011 was the year of going back to basics for me. I went back to tap dancing, back to tech marketing and back to downhill skiing.

I gave up downhill skiing 16 years ago when I got married. My husband didn’t ski so I took up spectator college basketball – college basketball is one of his passions as he got a full-ride scholarship to play college basketball and later, he became a radio sportscaster doing play-by-play college basketball – he didn’t ask me to give it up but I wanted us to be able to do something together. Of course, that was early in our marriage. I was just a kid then. Ha Ha.

A few months ago, I decided I missed skiing too much and decided I wanted to get back into it. I learned how to ski in college – at Seven Springs resort in PA in 1980 – then I skied all over the Rocky Mountains, Stowe, VT, and now in Indiana, at Perfect North, to be exact. Surprisingly, for all the time I have lived in California, I have never skied Tahoe, Big Bear or Mammoth. That is about to change – this ski season. And I can hardly wait. It’s 2012, so California, look out, I am hitting those slopes!!

Perfect North was the first time since 1994 since I have skied so to not totally make a fool out of myself, I took a private lesson. My instructor, Michele, was amazing and I was totally amazed that I didn’t miss a beat after 16 years – it was like I never took a hiatus from skiing. Skiing is totally like riding a bike – you never forget. I started on the very beginner’s slope, then greens – beginner, then moved to the blues – intermediate. The black diamond runs weren’t open due to limited snow. At midwest ski resorts, making snow is common place. So you end up skiing on ice and slush. It’s a challenge. If you learn to ski on ice and slush, skiing on powder (out west) is a much easier and smoother experience.

Before I left for my Louisville holiday, I bought ski pants, sweaters and ski goggles. I am buying ski boots, skis and a few other accessories when I return back to California. One of the things I found out, and quite frankly, I was heartbroken about, was that they stopped making Raichle ski boots in the 1990’s as the company went out of business. In my opinion, the Raichle ski boots were the best ski boots ever made. I did find a very good replacement in the Fult Tilt Soul Sister model so I am looking forward to picking those up when I get back home.

It was amazing how many people asked me “is there skiing in Indiana?” on Facebook and Twitter. I responded with a ¬† “Yes” multiple times. Skiing is in multiple areas in the United States. It is such an exhilarating and freeing experience – it can be down right spiritual – it’s just you and the mountain. In fact, I love going skiing by myself for that very reason. Of course, I love being part of the ski club experience too because I will never miss the chance to meet new people. But I love being one with the mountain.

I also love downhill skiing because of all those calories you burn – it’s right up there with aerobic exercise favorites like spinning and running – and I LOVE both of those activities.

2011 has been my year of getting back to basics and living the simple life, and I expect 2012 to be more of that.

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