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Holiday Food Challenge Reduex - All The Single Girlfriends

Holiday Food Challenge Reduex

Foodie Friday

Dec 9, 2011 by

This being Foodie Friday on atsGf’s I decided to write about the one food challenge I’m facing with the step to gain back my life through bariatric surgery.  …. pureed food.

I’m supposed to start incorporating at least one protein shake a day into my diet.  The reason for this is that for 6 weeks after the surgery, I’ll be on a liquid and pureed food diet.

Part of the process for this surgery is 6 months working with a team to prepare you for life during and after the surgery.  Today I met with the psychologist I’ll be seeing every month.  There were a lot of question dealing with my emotional history.  Everything from, “were you raised by a mother and a father? to were you ever abused (physically, emotionally)?”  We talked about all my past efforts to control my weight and thing that trigger eating.

For me, over eating is tightly aligned with my emotional state.  I eat when I’m happy and celebrating; I eat when I’m depressed or bored.  I’m a equal opportunity over eater.  That is what I’m working on changing, my responses to emotional triggers.  That’s a key element in being accepted into a bariatric program.  They want to give you the tools to help you lose weight, but the surgery is no magic bullet.  As every diet program will tell you, you must change your behaviors and make this a new way of life.  Well, easier said than done!

So the doctor asked me what I was going to try to use a coping mechanisms during the holidays.  One suggestion she made was to work on my blog post.  My first protein shake experiment ended with a gloppy substance that even my dogs would not go near (if an English Cocker won’t eat the food it’s got to be really, really bad).  I thought I’d save some money and buy the unflavored, original powered shake mix.  BIG mistake.

You cannot add enough fruit, sweetener, ice cubes or skim milk to make that stuff drinkable.  The nutritionist suggested I go with a premixed shake like Atkins or Slim Fast until I’m used to drinking my meal.  She also said that if you use a powdered mix, get one that is flavored, vanilla being the most popular.  If any of you have suggestions on good protein shakes, low fat, low cal. please, please let me know.

I’ve decided to take the shake thing a step further…you could say, another step forward.  What to make for Christmas dinner?  Anyone for pureed roast loin of pork with pureed roasted root vegetables, and, of course, jello for dessert?

Wishing everyone a healthful and happy holiday.

PS:  Here’s an aside I just fell compelled to share…every time I write the word bariatric my spell checker wants to change it to barbaric.  Is the dictionary trying to tell me something?  I hope not, because I’m committed to doing this whole hog!


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  1. Dear Allthesinglegirlfriends,
    Very interesting My boyfriend and I are likely on a two day road-journey to devote the holidays with my spouse and children. The price tag of traveling is by now over-priced sufficient with no need of getting foodstuff along the way not to mention the problem of getting everything healthier is slim. I was thinking if any one had hints or understood any online sites or guides that would have some nutritious on the highway snack creative ideas, ideally vegan but non-vegan so very long as it is nutritious would work also.
    Catch you again soon!

    • Debra Pearlman

      Traveling always makes it difficult to find healthy, satisfying food. I look for places where I can find fresh fruit. Apples and bananas travel well and don’t need refrigeration so they top my list. You may also want to pick-up a bag of baby carrots to snack on. If you have an iPad, you can search for healthy, fresh food restaurants along your route. Almost every major and most minor cities and towns have some restaurant where you can find good choices. I think the hard part is making the good choices when confronted with so much on a menu. I try to go into a place knowing what I’ll order and don’t even look at the menu. As for on-line sites, you can try Weight Watchers and Livestrong. Both have ideas for healthy eating and break out the nutritional information. Good luck.

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