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Dancing With The Stars With A Little Snark

Oct 29, 2011 by

OK girlfriends, even if you aren’t watching Dancing With The Stars and have no interest in these posts…what a week you have missed! Seriously you would have to be living under a rock to have missed all the brouhaha this week’s episode created. Today, GMA, CNN, HLN etc have all been covering the antics of these hard bodies and their “star” partners.

Love Broadway tunes. Used to sing the music of Phantom to make my niece fall asleep; so was psyched for this week. By the end of two hours…dancing was incidental.

First off let me just say my favorite JR Martinez did an amazing job to the theme from Chicago. Rob and David both did well. The annoying Ricki Lake was great. And then the drama started!

Nancy Grace looked like some kind of mutant Heidi-all she needed was some leiderhosen. She clumsily made her way thru music from Spamalot, and for unfathomable reasons, got good scores.

Chaz barely shuffled thru the Phantom theme…and the judges attacked!  Called him a cute little penguin. He was not amused. Sadly, comparing him to a penguin was inappropriate…but the guy CANT dance!!!!

Then Hope came out and jerkily performed to Rent. I’m not kidding here-her pro had 2 other women come in to teach her how to seem feminine. How insulting- unfortunately, she kinda needs help. This woman is a world class athlete but just doesn’t seem to have an ounce of fluidity in her movements. Judges slammed her- and her partner Maks went OFF!!!!  Called out the judges on having favorites, making unkind remarks and having  huge double standards. Told the head judge it might be time to retire and then said DWTS was HIS show.

As if this wasn’t enough fun, Chaz’s very famous mother(Cher) went right to Twitter to start her own war of words. My favorite tweet was remarking on Bruno .

Never mess with a mama bear Bruno!

This all could have died a dignified death but the next morning  all the shows had clips, all the dancers were asked for quotes and it just kept getting bigger. That night Chaz was voted off- and quite honestly he was WAY overdue to get bounced. He then took to all the shows talking about prejudice, bullying and slurs. Cher kept on tweeting and Maks went on every show that would book him to slam some of the other dancers, the judges and the voting audience . The judges all went on different shows to talk about their lack of bias. Five days later it’s still a prime story on all the Access, Insider entertainment type “news” shows.

I am of two minds here. The comments on Chaz were inappropriate. The judges tried to sugarcoat their disapproval in his performance in “cute” terms. They were WRONG.

Tell him flat out that he tried but he can’t dance. Everyone was trying so hard to be PC they shot themselves in the foot. It was unprofessional but I didn’t think it was bullying…but I’m not a transgender person. Maybe after a lifetime of comments, these very public statements were just the last straw.

The judges DO have clear favorites, but they tend to mostly be good dancers. There is always one “star” each season who goes way further than their talent (or lack thereof ) justifies. There are certain pros who get away with more and often get better scores than they deserve.

They also tend to get better “stars” to work with. I certainly don’t agree with some of the fawning comments some of these people (Nancy Grace) receive. The bottom line here is that this is a pseudo-reality show.

And it’s about dancing. It’s built right into the title. If you CAN’T dance you can’t really expect to win. And after all this pain, drama and spray tanning…all you get is a cheesy glittery disco ball !!!

Anyone else watch? What did you think?

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