Dancing With The Stars ~ Movie Theme Night

Dancing With The Stars .. With A Little Snark

Oct 11, 2011 by

OK, I’m sure after my way too long intro to Dancing With The Stars you all couldn’t wait to tune in this week. If you missed it, most of the night can be summed up in one word…CHER!!!! The dancers all had to choose a “great” movie theme. Some of them weren’t even songs!

Ricki Lake did a killer (pun intended) tango to the theme from PSYCHO. Did you even know there was a theme? I only knew those staccato noises that you think of when she’s getting stabbed in  the shower. So Ricki. Well as much as I don’t like her she was great. She’s safe.

David Arquette did a great Paso to the theme from Indiana Jones-complete with whip. He’s safe.This guy seems pretty goofy but he can dance!  And of course to keep the gossip level high-his soon to be ex Courteney Cox was there cheering him on. I know married couples who aren’t as friendly as these two. Who says they can’t act!

Carson Kressley was the most bedazzled pirate ever. He and his partner did some odd sword fighting and pretty much sucked. We were shocked- he had the lowest scores but the fans kept him alive for another week.

Nancy Grace has all the dancing ability of a cardboard box. She plods along with minimal rhythm but has a wicked hot partner. She so should have already been eliminated. Who knew? She has fans and they must have turned out in force because she’s safe too.

Hope Solo did an “sweet” fox trot to the Toy Story song. She gets decent scores but there’s something rather forgettable about her. In her favor is her partner the hottie Maks. Think he’ll keep the female vote coming for a few more weeks.

Superman was played by Rob Kardashian doing a pretty credible Paso. The kid is improving weekly. Thought he was just there to keep the family money train going but he seems to be taking it seriously, has a good partner and he’s a cutie. Looks like jail bait but then again…I’m old.

JR Martinez did a beautiful fox trot to the Pink Panther. Wearing pink from head to toe( obviously very secure in his manhood-even had on pink shoes) I want this guy to win! He’s safe.

Chynna Phillips has been a leader from week one. Last night she screwed up big time. Lost her footing, never got her choreography back. Train wreck! She struck me as pretty plastic but you had to feel for her.

Chaz Bono came with the magic weapon…CHER! He danced to the Rocky theme, and for someone who can barely bend his knees he did a good job. Cher was crying in the audience. The media has so many comments on everything they’ve been thru in his search for his “true” life, but last night she was just a Mom looking as proud as could be. Obviously helped cuz even though his scores weren’t great- he’s safe. 

Poor Chynna is history. Tough crowd when one dance can bring you from the top to out.

Surely I’m not the only one watching ……………….. What are your thoughts?

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