Wonderful Meal by a Very Good Lake

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Jul 29, 2011 by

Last week I visited friends I have known since high school at their beautiful house on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont.  The lake is 125 miles long and goes from New York to Canada.  It’s not one of the Great Lakes, but it is a very good lake indeed.

To manage the super-hot temperatures we cooled off in the lake and then made food that went together easily to eat al fresco on their deck overlooking the lake.  The menu was easy, light and delicious. Citronella candles to discourage the mosquitoes, flowers from the abundant garden, and a good bottle of wine were more than enough blessings to count for the night.

Our menu: my Summer Tomato Soup, Roasted Green Peppers –made in a counter top toaster oven and dressed with chopped garlic, balsamic vinegar and oil, fresh corn and Bill’s wonderful Leek Pancakes.

Happy Summer!

Summer Tomato Soup


2 – 2 ½ lbs mixed ripe organic tomatoes – some yellow, red, orange, heirlooms, etc.

Fresh tarragon (1 -2 tablespoon leaves)

Lime juice – juice of 1 or 2 limes

Salt & Pepper


Cut tomatoes into chunks, add everything to processor or blender and process to the consistency you like.  Chill and serve, or serve immediately.

(You can also cut the kernels from an ear or uncooked or cooked corn and add to the processor.)

Check the flavors to balance the tart and salt and the amount of tarragon you like. Serves 4

Bill’s Leek Pancakes


4 leeks, chopped (you can use green onions as well) – should yield 4 cups

2 T olive oil


1 C feta cheese, crumbled or mixture of grated cheddar and other cheeses

Herbs – parsley, coriander, basil – 2-3 T mixed or individual

4 eggs – separated, whites beaten till stiff


3-4 T flour


Cook leeks until they begin to brown. Sprinkle with salt and a few T of water. Cover and simmer. Place in bowl to cool slightly. Add cheese, egg yolks, salt and pepper. Add flour to make the batter thicker,  fold in beaten egg whites.

Heat oil and fry pancakes until brown on both sides.

Serve 4 – yields 12 pancakes.

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  1. Rebecca – what a perfect summer meal and a what certainly sounds like a most wonderful holiday. More so .. thanks for the yummy idea of what to do with my crop of tomatoes! Love the feta cheese in Bill’s leek pancakes too.

    • Rebecca Crichton

      Thanks Toby,
      I love what happens when fresh tomatoes get blended with fresh herbs and a bit of citrus… Let me know how you like it!

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