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Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends - All The Single Girlfriends

Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends

Interview With Helene Lerner

Jun 22, 2011 by

Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends shines a virtual spotlight on Girlfriends who are making a difference in the lives of women and young girls. We hope their stories inspire you as much as they do us. Please join me in welcoming …

Helene Lerner – author, journalist and founder of the online community Women Working.

atsGf/Toby: Who are you beyond your professional resume?

Helene Lerner: My spiritual purpose is to make the world a little bit better with whatever is presented before me. I’m very aligned with the mission of our company, which is to empower women and girls, also an aspect of my spiritual purpose.

atsFg/Toby: What is your favorite “Girlfriend” activity?

Helene Lerner: Going to the theater with a good friend.

atsGf/Toby: You’ve been helping women for quite awhile through your books, TV work and Women Working . Would you tell us the back-story and what was your inspiration for going down this road?

Helene Lerner: I began my work life as a teacher in the New York City public school system, later pursuing a career in sales and marketing during the 1980s, working my way up through the ranks of The New York Times. I successfully fought a significant weight problem that transformed my life both professionally and personally and fueled this passion to empower other women.

atsGf/Toby: When women reach 40, we  enter  what should be an exciting next chapter in our lives. However, often the world, in terms of advertisers, younger people and frequently men, begins to pull a curtain around us and we become invisible. We’re still as vibrant, savvy, sexy as we were the day before .. sometimes even more so!  However, sometimes we buy into it. How do you not be “invisible?”

Helene Lerner: By focusing on being of service and really putting my attention out there and seeing what the need is in front of me. When I have those off days, friends, particularly girlfriends, can be really supportive.

AtsGf/Toby:  Every once in awhile a brand attempts to capture the women’s market with variations on a popular product.  Dell tried and failed with their website focused on women. Recently Verizon Android announced it is launching an Verizon Android smart phone called Bliss. What are your thoughts about this type of strategy?

Helene Lerner: I’m not sure about variations on products, but the women’s market must be taken into consideration because as you know we are major purchasers of products and influencers of our family members who purchase products.

atsGf/Toby:  Sometimes when you color outside of the lines you find great success. Sometimes you skin your knee.  Please tell us of a time when you went outside your comfort zone and the lessons that you learned.

Helene Lerner: In starting my own company I was totally outside my comfort zone. I had sold products very successfully for other people but when you and your work is the product that’s a whole different story. I had to use every bit of my inner resources to keep going especially when I got lots of “no’s.” but if I kept going, there would be that one “yes,” and that one “yes” led to sponsorship of a television show which I produced.

I was nominated for a national Emmy and was in the same category as Good Morning America and CNN Newsroom. Figure that! Also, I couldn’t have done it alone, I had to reach out for a lot of help along the way.

Sometimes women take care of everyone else except themselves. And we need support too.

atsGf/Toby:  To wrap this up .. the virtual floor is all yours. What would you tell our community of amazing women?

Helene Lerner: Don’t quit just before the miracle. I think Norman Vincent Peale said that. Also, I love this quote by Churchill: “Never, never, never, never, give up!”

Continue the conversation with Helene!

Women Working


Twitter – @womenworking


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  2. Excited about the interview w/ Helene Lerner, author, journalist & women’s champion, on #atsGf. http://ow.ly/5nIeb Enjoy! @womenworking

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