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Foodie Friday For Memorial Day

May 27, 2011 by

At Old Hickory House the barbecue is so hickory infused it gets into your fabric, literally.

I know that it might sound strange that a Eurogirl from France and Italy would have a passion for barbecue but in Italy smoked and cured meats are a staple in most Italian ‘special’ dinners. It is served in small portions as antipasti along with pickled vegetables and cheeses. What the French call charcuterie, (i.e.; salami, sausage, terrines, pâtés).

In America it can range from a great hot dog to awesome barbecue!

At Old Hickory House, a southeast based barbecue chain, they focus on hickory smoked barbecue and when I say Hickory, I mean Hickory. While a chain, this place had a very friendly staff but busy, so if you go at lunchtime make sure you order quickly or you will wait for your food. The wait person we had was always quick to refill tea and lemonade. Their tea is brewed correctly (I had a southern gent confirm this) in that, sweet is sweet and un-sweet is just that un-sweet.

While their salads are weak (Yes, I ordered it as a side) in that it was mainly iceberg and a few slivers of red cabbage and carrots for color, they more than make up for it in the way of barbecue. My dining companion had a fall off the bone pork ribs and sliced pork with their smothered in mayonnaise cole-slaw – note, he loved it that way, but if you are not a fan of mayo, there are a plethora of side items to choose from.

Additionally, they list Mac n’ Cheese as a veggie (really). And I understand from my dining companion that it does not disappoint. The turnip greens I ordered were good but, bland, I had to use hot sauce to bring out the flavor.

They have a corn bread that is lightly sweet, as light as yellow cake and more bread like than the dense versions I have had at other restaurants that specialize in southern cuisine.

When you first step foot into the place the hickory smoke really hits you. As a matter of fact it permeates your clothes so you can smell like it all day long!!

So if you don’t mind a little eu de hickory parfum, give this place a try.


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