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Happy Mother's Day

May 7, 2011 by

Memories of my mom sometimes feel like faded rose petals. Rose petals at the stage when they are velvety but the color has changed from vibrant to softer shades. The stage when they drop to the earth but the fragrance is still sweet and strong.

At other times those memories seem to be as elusive as when you were a little girl and blew on a dandelion and the winds took the seeds and carried then away.  Sometimes, it feels as though the memories are so overwhelming that I have to close my eyes to get to the next moment in time.

What can I tell you who might read this about a women who is dancing in the stars with her soul mate, my dad, and my sister? How can I pay tribute to a women who took great joy in being a mother and a grandmother but loved being the wife of Louis just a little more?

As a little girl and especially as a teenager, I never thought of Anne Bloomberg as unique or special. I assumed that everyone had a mom who loved them unconditionally;  who insisted that no matter what fights we had during the day to go to bed without an “I love you. Pleasant dreams. See you in the morning,” was unthinkable.

I remember …  My parents built a marketing research business together. It was really my dad’s dream but my mother ran it side-by-side with him working late into the night and weekends.  I once told her how much I admired her and asked if it was hard to be a mom and run a business too. She looked at me oddly and said it was my dad’s business she just helped.  Way not true.

I remember …  The cupcakes she baked for me and my sister to take to school that were decorated with different colored frostings and all kinds of candy toppings.  Mummy would have been great on Cupcake Wars!

I remember … My mom opening her home to family and friends. Summer BBQs around the pool and holiday dinners where we would plan menus together weeks in advance but would always include her favorites chopped liver and knishes.

I remember …  Before malls there was “downtown” shopping.  After a day of shopping at Filene’s (including the Basement), Jordan Marsh, Gilchrist, R. H. Stearns our special treat was my mum’s favorite — hot fudge sundaes at Baily’s. The ice cream was served in elegant silver bowls and fudge ran over onto the silver plates that held the bowls. Omg – the best!

I remember … The sun streaming into my mother’s bedroom and watching her sleep weeks before she died. Her hair had grown longer than her usual short, stylish cut and she seemed at ease. Perhaps it was the shadows or the way her lashes, so long, seemed to enhance her profile but all of a sudden I caught a glimpse of a young women.  Just for a few seconds I saw a woman who was so beautiful it brought a catch to my throat and tears to my eyes.

Mummy would say,“ Life is only a dream. You blink and it’s over.”

I never understood what she was trying to tell us until many years later. While you can, if you can … don’t let the day end without telling your mom that you love her. If you can’t do that share a few I remember Mummies with us here and together we’ll celebrate your mom with you!

Note: Photo to the right: 3 generations

My mother: Anne Bloomberg, “Mrs.B”, my sister, Susan Ellen Porter, me and my niece Jessica Robyn Porter

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  1. So glad you wrote this, Toby….its beautiful. And I love the photo!

  2. Mama Said! Join #atsGf in celebrating Mother’s Day & my post #women

  3. Toby, how beautiful. Thank you. CB

  4. Rebecca Crichton

    Toby, Your mother’s loving words each night are a good reminder to not go to bed mad. And I remember shopping downtown as well. And I got a sudden desire for that same kind of hot fudge sundae in a silver bowl. Way too long since I’ve had one of those. How wonderful to remember our mothers this way!

  5. Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories, Toby. It looks like we both inherited some wonderful things from our mothers. 🙂

    • Thanks JaneA. Funny, but it seems when we take those walks down memory lane it’s the little things, like cupcakes or learning how to play play cribbage (from your post!) that come to mind.

  6. Now I’m beginning to see where you get your wonderful character and your talent for marketing! I would have loved to have known your mom. – SerenaK

  7. polli

    I miss Annie B, she was a wonderful woman, always made me feel part of your family. She and your Dad had a very special marriage…the envy of many of us. I know she’s proud of the woman you are AND the SM maven you’ve become!

    • Polli – You weren’t part of our family? Now you tell me! Sometimes family doesn’t come to us via blood-lines but from shared loves and caring. Thank you for always being their for us.

  8. Debra A Pearlman

    Toby – I’m crying all over again. What a beautiful remembrance.

    • Debra – Thanks. Although my mom was by far not a Pollyanna, she would say to us – no tears, think of the happy thoughts. You’ve done that so beautifully in your post about your mom.


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