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I Hate Running - All The Single Girlfriends

I Hate Running

A Search For Self

Apr 22, 2011 by

I hate running.  I really, really hate running.  In spite of my white hot dislike for running, I feel compelled to keep trying it and continue to register for races.  I have heard that quote about the definition of insanity, something like “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results.”

That perfectly describes my relationship with running.  I keep trying it, hoping that one day I will actually enjoy it, but I never do.

There are certain things about running that I don’t hate.  For example, when I am running on a regular basis, I can eat like a horse with a tapeworm and not gain weight and that is indescribably wonderful, but that doesn’t mean I love running.

It means I love food enough that I am willing to torture myself relentlessly so that I don’t need a crane to get out of bed.

I also love how I feel right after completing a run.  Not really the physical feeling, because I usually feel kind of like I just got hit by a fast moving train, but the euphoria you feel when you have just completed something so horribly painful and you know it’s over.  Until the next time anyway.

But I don’t think you can claim to like something when the best part of doing it is stopping.  So I can officially say that I like stopping running.  (I think my grammar is off there, but you get the point.)

I also love how clear my thoughts get.  When running, you go into auto-pilot, at least I do.  I withdrawal completely into my brain and my body begins to run on its own.

If I start to think about how I physically feel, I want to stop, but if I occupy my mind with other things, I can keep going.  My brain and body detach and I am able to focus on issues in my life and see them clearly.

I can mentally compose the great American novel, make up wonderfully silly songs, come up with perfect solutions to world problems.

I temporarily become a genius.  A brilliant brain carried through the air by really, really sore feet….and then my genius brain thinks about how sore my feet are….and then my brain and body reconnect…and then my brain says “I really, really hate running.”

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I live in Cleveland, OH and work as a developer in Information Technology. Two dogs and a cat allow me to live with them, but only if I provide food. I have Activity ADD, so the things I do during my non-work hours change regularly. The things that have remained consistent are kickboxing and yoga. Kickboxing and yoga seem to be at odds with each other in a philosophical sense, but they are both wonderful ways to work out stress. My love of animals has also remained consistent throughout my life. Through the years I’ve had several people tell me I should share my writing, but I am an extremely private and somewhat shy person so the idea of letting anyone in scares the crap out of me.
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  1. Sandy

    I want to hear some of those ‘silly songs’

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