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Apr 8, 2011 by

Yesterday I was watching the Food Network’s a Best Of .. Comfort Food. Comfort foods are usually food from our childhood that help get us over a little bump in the road.  For me it’s chocolate. For others it’s mac and cheese or grilled cheese or .. or .. or ..

There’s a side step to comfort food that seems to be neglected. Let’s call it Sick Food. No Gf, not food that makes you sick! Hmm .. perhaps Feel Better Food is a better name. Food that wraps you in a big warm blanket when you’re not feeling physically well. For me this type of food is different than what we think of as “traditional” comfort food.

Oh sure, home made chicken soup might have been for lunch; but in the morning, it was tea and white bread buttered toast.  Mummy always made the toast fancy .. at least to me it was special.  She cut the buttered bread on an angle. It’s funny how something as simple as the way a piece of toast is cut can bring a little smile.

The tea was simple orange pekeo with lots of milk and sugar. I learned many years later this was a very British way to drink tea and felt very cosmopolitan. To this day, when I don’t feel well my cuppa tea, which I usually drink black, holds milk and sweetner.

Now my sister Susan didn’t like tea. What’s a mother to do when something hot is called for to sooth a scratchy throat? Soup. But not Grandma’s soup. Oh not not for Sus. She didn’t like homemade soup.  Her favorite was Campbell’s chicken noodle or chicken rice soup .. with crackers or course. So out would come the red can and the kitchen would smell like lunch for breakfast!

What did your mom or dad or grandma make “special” for you, when on those rare days, you were allowed to stay home from school because you were really sick?

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